Armed teen thug caught red handed robbing 4x4

2012 Land Rover Discovery
2012 Land Rover Discovery

A KNIFE armed youth was caught red-handed stealing a Land Rover by its owner who restrained him until gardai arrived, a court has heard.

The repeat offender, aged 17, pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to the motor theft which took place in the Dublin 8 area on Feb. 22 last. He also admitted other theft offences.

Judge John O'Connor adjourned sentencing the teen, who already has five prior criminal convictions, until a date in November for a probation report on him to be furnished to the court.

The court heard the owner of '12-reg Land Rover “returned to his vehicle to find the accused sitting in the driver's seat with the engine running”.

“The accused attempted to flee but was restrained by the injured party until Gardai arrived,” Judge O'Connor heard. The teenager was also found in possession of a knife.

A week before, he was caught possessing stolen sunglasses worth €200.

The court also heard evidence that the teenager was stopped by gardai on another date when he was found to be carrying a screwdriver for use in an offence.

Judge O'Connor noted the youth has five recorded convictions for knife possession, handling stolen goods, two counts of robbery and one criminal damage offence. He has already served a four-month sentence and defence solicitor Gareth Noble said the court was aware of the teen's difficult family circumstances.

Since being released from custody the teenager has been looking to enroll on an educational and training course. Adjourning sentencing, Judge O'Connor warned the youth, who was accompanied to court by his mother and another relative, that he needed to get a good probation report.