Accused in major drug seizure 'top supplier in Donegal'

Accused in major drug seizure 'top supplier in Donegal'

A member of a trio allegedly caught with €380,000 worth of cannabis near Lurgan, Co Armagh last month is 'the number one drugs supplier in Donegal', a court was told.

The drugs bust is reported to have occurred at Derrymacash, a small village four miles west of Lurgan.

The 'number one supplier' claim was made during a bail application for Letterkenny man Seamus Boyce.

Boyce's application was made via video link, transmitted from Maghaberry Prison, Lisburn, Co Antrim, to the court.

Also appearing on video link were 59-year-old Kieran Austin, Lurgan, and 32-year-old Desmond Enfield, Donegal.

The two, along with Boyce, formed the trio who were allegedly caught with the massive quantity of drugs.

Neither of Boyce's co-accused made bail applications, according to the Lurgan Mail.

The court heard that a police officer followed Boyce from a Newry industrial estate, where he had met with Enfield, to Derrymacash where the duo linked up with Austin.

A discovery of what is believed to be herbal cannabis, worth almost €400,000, was discovered by police in a vehicle used by the men.

The court further heard that while Boyce initially spoke to police after being caught, he refused to comment any more upon his arrest.

The female officer added that Boyce has close ties to Enfield – the man that gardai believe to be the top drugs supplier in Donegal.

Due to Boyce's Republic of Ireland address and potential flight risk, the officer opposed bail.

The solicitor for Boyce argued that the defendant lived close enough to the jurisdiction if a 'reporting to police' condition was deemed necessary in his bail.

He further stated that Boyce claimed a belief that the substance found in the vehicle was tobacco.

The Judge, agreeing with the officer, denied the 'completely absurd' bail application and remanded Boyce in custody.