A Dublin youth threatened to 'loaf' a member of the gardai

When the teen was stopped he told gardai to “get the f**k away or I’ll loaf you"
When the teen was stopped he told gardai to “get the f**k away or I’ll loaf you"

A DUBLIN youth threatened to “loaf” a garda when his luck changed dramatically just after he won a new bicycle, a court has heard.

Judge John O’Connor heard that the 17-year-old Dublin boy was pleading guilty to a breach of the peace charge which happened last November. The Dublin Children’s Court was told he got arrested on the way home with his new bike  but gardai thought it was stolen.

Garda Laura Rudden said the first-time offender was seen on his new bike at a location in west Dublin but it was suspected that it was stolen. When he was stopped he told gardai to “get the f**k away or I’ll loaf you.” He became aggressive and had to be handcuffed as he shouted, “get away, you cannot take me, get your hands off me you c**t”.

Another garda unit arrived to help complete the arrest and the teenager was brought to his local station.

Garda Rudden said the youth was given a chance to provide proof he owned the bike which he has not yet done. She agreed with defence counsel Tessa White that the boy, who has no prior criminal convictions, was co-operative, once he was taken into custody.

Ms White said the boy, who was accompanied to court by his father,was aged 16 at the time.   He had won the bike in a raffle and had gone to collect it, the court was told.

His barrister said the teenager has a job opportunity arranged for him by a relative  and in light of that she pleaded with the court to leave him without a recorded conviction.

Judge O’Connor said it was a serious incident which shows what gardai have to put up with and it was really inappropriate behaviour. However, he noted the guilty plea and that the Probation Service had found the youth suitable for taking part in a crime diversion project which could see him keep his clean record.

He adjourned the case for a probation report to be furnished.