14-year-old who stole, and wrote off, car sentenced to three months

The Children's Court
The Children's Court

A 14-year-old boy, who stole a car and wrote it off in a crash, has been given an extra three months in custody.

In April the teenager had been given a three-month term in a detention centre, which he served. He was also ordered to remain under the supervision of the Probation Service for three months following his release.

However, Judge John O'Connor heard at the Dublin Children's Court today that the teenager had stopped engaging with his probation officer who had been trying to help divert him from re-offending. Judge O'Connor ordered that the boy, who was accompanied to court by his mother, would have to return to custody and serve another three months.

Earlier, the out-of-control boy’s family outlined how they could not cope with him and his mother said he was in danger. Behavioural and educational assessments of the teenager were already carried out when he was held in a juvenile detention centre at a previous stage. He had also missed one court hearing because he refused to get out of bed.

The boy, then aged 13, admitted stealing a car on an afternoon in July last year. He also faced a connected charge for dangerously driving the car which was damaged beyond repair when it crashed into a wall.

The juvenile court has heard other cars had to take evasive action during the boy's drive and the stolen car was “written off”.

He also faced other charges for trespassing on a business premises and unlawfully attempting to get into a Garda vehicle on October 28 last year.

He has also admitted making a threat to a woman that he would damage her phone on October 15, 2014 as well as criminal damage to a car window on the same date.

Guilty pleas were also entered to charges for stealing €7 of groceries on a date in May last year and trespassing at an underground car park and stealing a pair of runners from a vehicle on October 25 last year.

At one previous court hearing the boy, who had repeatedly broken bail conditions, had refused to take down his hood despite being asked by the judge and his mother to do as he was told. “Yeah? F**k it, f**k you,” the boy had shouted along with, “I'm leaving the hood up, don't get me started”.

“Sentence me, I don't care, I don't give a f**k any more, this is b******s that's what it is,” he had said. When further warned by the judge, the teenager had shouted: “I don't give a f**king b*****s, give me two years if you want”.