14-year-old detained for role in vicious Tallaght robbery and assault

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A 14-year-old, who took part in a vicious robbery in which deliveryman was dragged down an alleyway and attacked by a gang, has been detained for eight months.

The young boy, then aged 13, has pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to his role in the robbery and assault causing harm offence which occurred in the Tallaght area, on a date in April last year.

Judge John O'Connor had already said this was a very serious offence in which the deliveryman had been set on by two other youths before he was “dragged down an alleyway and assaulted by four males”.

The deliveryman man, a foreign national, had his wallet and keys taken, and he sustained cuts and bruises.

At an earlier stage, the judge said a probation report showed the schoolboy was at a “high risk of re-offending” and there were concerns over the boy's education, family issues, negative peers and limited involvement in pro-social activities.

The teen has also been warned the offence could attract a two-year term.

The defence have said the boy was not one of the main instigators and did not throw blows at the victim.

The court has also been asked to note positive aspects: the boy attends sports activities and a youth worker was to be assigned to him.

The teen had also demonstrated technical skills and had done some wood work, a flower-box, which he had offered to the victim.

The boy also admitted violent disorder charges and one for endangering traffic by holding onto a moving vehicle at the Kingswood flyover on the Naas Road, in Dublin, on April 23 last. He had also pleaded guilty to public order charges including four counts of trespassing one of which was at a school on also on a date last April. There was also another for unlawfully getting into a car without permission.

The boy and his mother were in tears by the end of the hearing today.

Defence counsel Damian McKeone asked the court to note that some of the offences were two years ago when the boy just turned 13. He also said the latest probation report on the boy was positive. He said the boy has expressed genuine remorse and while he lacked some awareness he had just recently been diagnosed as having

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He had been referred to a training course and appeared to be becoming more mature, the court was told.

The teenager had been “out of control” but in the last five months there has been a considerable improvement, counsel said. He also asked the judge to note guilty pleas had been entered and the boy had already been affected by being separated from his one of his parents for more than a year at an earlier stage in his life

Judge John O'Connor said the teenager had committed a substantial number of offences for a person of such a young age and there was no option but to impose a custodial sentence.

He sentenced the boy to eight-months in Oberstown detention centre and also ordered that he was to remain under supervision of the Probation Service for the next 18 months.