12-year-old produced a knife during a mugging

12-year-old produced a knife during a mugging

A THEN 12-year-old boy, who brandished a pocket-knife during a mugging in Dublin, is to be sentenced in May.

The boy, now aged 13, has pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to robbing a mobile phone from a male on a date in May last year. He also faces a connected charge for production of a pocket-knife in a manner likely to intimidate during the incident.

Judge John O'Connor was furnished with a positive pre-sentence probation report on the boy, who was accompanied to court by his mother.

Sentencing was adjourned until a date in May and the boy was remanded on continuing bail.

At previous probation report on the youngster had been ordered which showed that there were concerns that he does not have a full-time educational placement.

The court had heard it was alleged the boy along with two others approached and “asked to look at the male's phone” and the teen then, “knocked it out of his hand”.

Garda Kevin Kennedy had said it was claimed that when the phone's owner tried to pick it up he was prevented by a person with the boy and who had been armed with a wooden pole.

At that point, the then 12-year-old defendant took the phone, it was claimed.

The victim approached the boy, who “produced a small pocket-knife and he backed away”, the court heard. The garda retrieved the phone after seeing the boy drop it, the court has heard.

As a condition of bail the teen has been warned he cannot contact or associate with a number of named individuals and he has to stay away from the location of the robbery.

The court also heard that efforts were being made to get him back into school and he was getting home tuition.