October 26th, 2016


Aggressive driver jailed over crash that killed two schoolboys

Dale Creighton

Deceased was ‘black and blue and bleeding from his eyes’

Man who abused girl spared extra jail time

A man jailed for indecently assaulting a young girl in the 1980s will not face any extra jail time despite a finding that his original 12 month term was too “lenient”

Stefano Brizzi

Acid bath murder accused may have eaten part of dead police officer

Boy removed from mum’s care after she decided to raise him as a girl

11-year-old rapist was looking up gay rape porn online, court hears

Jason Doogue

Murder accused said "gardai would never be able to charge him"

A murder accused said gardai would never be able to charge him and dismissed their evidence saying "they have nothing", a trial at the Central Criminal Court heard today

Teen found guilty of false imprisonment of Joan Burton during protest

Keith Baker

Irish couple confess to rape and sexual abuse of disabled woman

Brian Veale

Murder accused "stabbed inmate in the heart and smiled"

A murder accused stabbed a fellow Cork prison inmate in the heart and smiled as he told a witness: "If I get a life sentence it doesn’t matter", a jury has heard