Anti-Austerity Alliance councillor threatened to ‘cut’ activist’s throat

John Loftus
John Loftus

A Limerick Anti-Austerity Alliance councillor sent a threatening message to an activist after a row over internet remarks.

Councillor John Loftus sent the following to Greg Doran in the early hours of last Sunday morning: “I tried to be nice. The next time I see you I’lll [sic] cut your fuckin throat. Insult me & you are dead. See you Monday.”

The councillor has since told reports that the message was “taken out of context”, insisting that he’d “never hurt anybody” and that there’s no record of him hurting anyone.

Greg Doran

The Limerick branch of the AAA confirmed that Loftus had sent the message..

The Anti Austerity Alliance has been made aware of an accusation made on Facebook that Cllr. John Loftus sent a threatening message to a political activist yesterday, and we take this very seriously. We checked with Cllr. Loftus and unfortunately found the accusation to be true.

The AAA completely and without reservation condemns the threatening language used by Cllr. John Loftus. This message, which was subsequently publicised on Facebook, caused hurt to the person it was sent to but it also damages the good name of the AAA and its hundreds of activists in Limerick, who have played such a vital role in helping to build mass non-payment of the water charges throughout this year.

Such language or threats are unacceptable from anyone at anytime but particularly from a public representative. We sincerely apologise for any hurt caused and wish to state that we are taking this matter very seriously. The AAA will meet tomorrow to fully discuss this situation and will then issue a statement outlining its actions on the matter.

Doran is a former member of the AAA who is now involved in the anti-water charges movement in Limerick.

He claimed that the threat was sent after a number of heated exchanges on social media regarding the de-registration of the AAA.

The AAA was removed from the register of political parties earlier this month.