Homosexuality is just like rape says Cork pastor

Craig Ledbetter
Craig Ledbetter

Cork pastor Craig Ledbetter has described homosexuality as a “sexual sin, just like rape” as he affirmed his support for a “conscience clause” to accompany the May 22nd equality referendum.

Ledbetter, of the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig told the Cork News that that he supports the idea of a conscience clause which would permit religious groups to refuse to perform same–sex marriages in the event the referendum passes.

“I’d be in favour of a conscience clause, the same way I’d be in favour of the gardai not shooting me when I’m innocent, he said.

“It would violate my conscience as a religious leader. I will not marry a same sex couple.

“Homosexuality is a sexual sin, just like rape, just like adultery

“If a rapist demanded his crimes to be recognised legally, we as a society wouldn’t allow it,”

The Cork pastor claims that that permitting religious groups to refuse to provide for same–sex marriages is not discriminatory and that his opposition to gay marriage is not a personal attack on homosexuals.

“They’re hijacking marriage. It doesn’t belong to them,” said Ledbetter.

“When (same-sex marriage) is available elsewhere, you can’t force every religious group to provide it. We used to live in a free society.

“Of all people, liberals demand diversity. Now, they demand conformity. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong,” he continued.

Craig Lebetter's website links to a Hell section which states:

“Not only do bad people deserve hell, but all good people - because all are sinners!”

“It is not our sins that send us to hell (i.e, drunkenness, murder, adultery, etc), but just the fact we are sinners, and have not surrendered to Jesus as our Saviour!

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