Cork man claims to be victim of bizarre sex tape blackmail attempt

A cork man appears to have been the victim of an attempted sex tape blackmail
A cork man appears to have been the victim of an attempted sex tape blackmail

A Cork man has spoken about how a woman he met on Facebook attempted to extort €10,000 from him in a sex tape scam.

The bizarre tale featured on Neil Prendeville's show on Red FM yesterday, and the station published what they say are texts between the woman and the man on their Facebook page.

According to the man, who went by the name of Gary on the show, he received a friend request from a stranger in November. After a private message asking if he knew her she said it was a mistake but if he wanted to get to know her to send a friend request.

He did and then a few days later she messaged him to meet up. The man met the woman, who he said told him she was from Poland and they hit it off, eventually going back to her friend's house.

The man forgot about the encounter until Sunday when she sent a message asking was he on Skype. After saying he wasn't she began to video call him on Facebook repeatedly until he answered.

When he did 'she was starkers lying on the bed' according to Gary and then she 'started going to town on herself, if you get me'.

Gary watched for a minute or two while the woman asked him to 'do stuff'.

Gary said he was reluctant, said no and after a few minutes the woman stopped and the camera went off.

Then he got another message, featuring a video of Gary watching the woman and a demand that the video would be released to family and friends unless he handed over €5,000.

The demand went up to €10,000 as Gary continued to refuse to pay and Gary instead told her he had reported her blackmail attempt to the authorities and that he had screengrabs of the conversation.

Gary believes that the woman has done this before and he wanted to warn others to be aware of the threat.

He also contacted Facebook to complain aboout her page but he claimed they reviewed her page and found nothing untoward.

Gary confirmed he will go to the Guards but admitted he was in shock at being blackmailed.