Cops granted more time to quiz man after Ballycastle murder

Anthony McErlain
Anthony McErlain

Police have been granted another 26 hours to question a 33-year-old man arrested in connection with the murder of 48-year-old Anthony McErlain in Ballycastle.

Detective Inspector Clara Heaton said: “Detectives from Serious Crime Branch investigating the murder of 48 year old Anthony McErlain have been given additional time by a court to question the 33 year old man arrested on Friday, 29 January. 

"Police have been granted a further 26 hours to continue interviewing him.

“The 50 year old man arrested yesterday, Friday, 29 January still remains in Police custody.”

Mr McErlain's body was found at around 8.30pm on Thursday evening at an address in Broombeg Park in the County Antrim seaside town.

His death was described as 'particularly brutal' by detectives.

Independent councillor Seamus Blaney told the Belfast Telegraph: "He was well known in the town and he was a bit of a drinker but he never did anyone any harm but to himself," he said. "It's very sad to think that he has died in such a way.

"It's a real shock. This is a quiet town so people are going to be very upset to wake up to this news."

It is believed that Mr McErlain was one of a number of people who escaped a house fire in Ballycastle just four months ago. Police had investigated the possibility that the fire was started deliberately.