Console charity to be wound down following damning revelations

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

The troubled suicide bereavement charity Console is to be wound down.

The charity's services, which included counselling and a helpline, are expected to be transferred to other support organisations.

The decision followed a meeting between interim chief executive David Hall and the HSE on Thursday.

Mr Hall was installed last week to try to rescue the charity.

He warned Console would have to close its doors shortly if it did not get additional funding from the HSE.

David Hall

He said it is costing €100,000 a month to run Console and the HSE funding amounts to just €70,000.

Some €70,000 is owed to the Revenue Commisioners and there are also unknown legacy debts.

He has found no secret stash of funds which would help bail out the charity.

Former chief executive Paul Kelly, who is in a psychiatric hospital, spent lavish amounts of donations and HSE funding on his salary, cars and travel.

Console, which continues to provide a key service to the bereaved, enjoyed an income of over €5million in recent years.

But much of the cash was squandered using credit cards.

Around €53,000, which was deposited by the HSE, is all that was left in the bank account.

Another £100,000 is in the Console account in the UK.