Commuter chaos in Dublin city as O'Connell Street traffic comes to standstill

The scene coming into O'Connell Street this evening
The scene coming into O'Connell Street this evening

There are extreme delays for any commuters trying to get out of Dublin city this evening.

Thousands of people were caught up in traffic mayhem this evening as the country's main thoroughfare was closed to traffic.

Chaotic scenes ensued as buses and cars were diverted from O'Connell Street during rush-hour traffic tonight.

A cement mixer working on the new Luas system caused absolute mayhem on the extremely busy road at teatime.

A breakdown also meant that there was no access to busy street from Parnell Square East:

Thousands of frustrated bus passengers jumped off their vehicles during the warmest day of the year:

Dublin City Council has still yet to respond as to why they allowed Luas works to divert traffic during rush hour, causing absolute chaos for thousands of angry commuters.

These were the scenes on and around O'Connell Street as bus passengers were forced to walk as traffic stalled completely:

The breakdown which caused further traffic issues was cleared but delays for road users remain: