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You can bitch about an ex to pals but if you go public it will haunt you

Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Russell Brand and Katy Perry

RUSSELL BRAND, aren’t you a nasty piece of work?

I just read comments he made about his ex-wife Katy Perry, calling her “vapid, vacuous and plastic”.

I mean, as it if wasn’t enough to dump her in a text message, he now feels the need to publicly diss her four years after the end of their marriage.

It’s the thing I can’t stand about the break-up of a relationship; regardless of what went on this is a person he married and he should have some respect for her as he loved her deeply at one point.

It says more about him than it does about her and the only one looking bad from all of this is him.

At some point in a break-up there’s a stage of anger, but it’s best to vent to your friends – not in a documentary like Russell.

The same goes for Taylor Swift. It’s a bit immature and mean that she writes songs about her past boy­friends. It takes two people to break up a relationship and I wonder how much she would like it if they wrote a song about her.

Poor Harry Styles bore the absolute brunt of it, but in fairness to him he didn’t retaliate at all. I love Taylor, but if she does pen a song about an ex, it would be classier if she didn’t say who that particular ex was!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had re­lationships where I couldn’t wait to tell my friends what an idiot the chap was, but I don’t think I would so publicly shame someone because, as much as I would have plenty to say, I’m sure my ex would have just as much to divulge.

I would like to point out that I have had more exes than just Brian, so I am not speaking about him. There have been times when I have blocked him on Twitter, but more in a jokey way!

There’s another reason why I think shaming an ex is a bad idea. You can tell your friends how bad the relationship was and make yourself sound fantastic – which is most probably not the whole truth – but what hap­pens if this ex comes back into your life?

They will all hate him for what you’ve told them and it will be difficult to have them around him.

So don’t shame your ex, because it’s quite like­ly you’ve pissed him off just as much!

Let's be fair to our city 

JOE DUFFY went on a bit of a rant lately and said : “Dublin's an unadulterated kip... the city is being turned into pound shops”

Now he doesn’t actually me an Dublin itself is a kip, but I get where he is coming from, as a lot of our landmark shops are being closed and it’s a real pity to see.

Unfortunately, with rents as high as they are some shops are struggling to keep their premises.

I think t here has definitely been a turn in our economy, but shop owners are still struggling as business is simply not what it used to be.

Dublin is my favourite city in the world and I would love if we could keep the culture that we have as it’s what drives our tourism industry.

However, with rents increasing who knows how many other shops we will lose…

On a good note, Dublin was voted as the third best city to visit by Lonely Planet – not bad at all for our little capital.

It's nose show like a Jo show

I HAD a fun week this week, starting off with filming for Breakfast Club. It’s an initiative to try to get people to eat breakfast every day.

Your energy levels are bound to slump by 11am if you haven’t had a good breakfast and it will leave you more likely to eat rubbish throughout the day.

I always end up going to a couple of events a week in London which are always fun, but it’s probably why my friends find me so boring because I never want to go out after all that!

I went to the Jo Malone event in London town and it was the nicest smelling event I’ve ever been to. I wore my dress from Spotted on Celeb and my new Office shoes, which I am totally obsessed with