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We should help to support vital LGBT service

Vogue Williams with the winner of the best dressed lady, Yvonne McAvoy
Vogue Williams with the winner of the best dressed lady, Yvonne McAvoy

I came across an amazing website through one of my friends last week.

BelongTo is a support network for people who are coming out.

When the Irish people voted yes to marriage equality in last year’s referendum, young LGBT people finally felt safe to come out in Ireland and it really started to change their future in our country.

A huge amount of people came out and they needed a support network. That support network is BelongTo.

It is a service that helps young people struggling with their LGBT status and offers help through phone calls, emails and group chats. 

I wrote last week about a girl I know getting assaulted on the street for being gay.

There is still a huge amount of gay bashing, homophobic and transphobic bullying going on and BelongTo wants to resource proper nationwide support services and initiatives to end this.

For a young gay person coming out is incredibly difficult. I remember how hard it was for my sister to even tell me and I was closest to her.

It’s a huge life decision to finally let the world know who you are and I know that had BelongTo been in place when Amber was younger, it would have made coming out easier.

She needed to speak to someone who understood what she was going through and to even help her understand more for herself.

Unfortunately BelongTo’s services in Dublin and throughout Ireland are completely overstretched, they need more resources so they can help every LGBT person that needs it.

BelongTo are having a launch day on May 22, which was the date as the Referendum to raise funds for their work – please help out whatever way you can.

The Irish are first in the fashion race

I was at Cheltenham last Wednesday to judge the fashion for
ladies day.

And I’m happy to say both the Irish ladies and designers were really flying the flag for Ireland during St Patrick’s week.

 I absolutely love going to the races but I don’t bet very much – I go for the fashion and the atmosphere.

It’s such a great day out and this year was my first time at Cheltenham.

We had an amazing lunch in the restaurant and I was sitting with Eddie Jordan and his family, he’s quite possibly the funniest person I’ve ever met and I don’t think I’ve been slagged so much at a lunch since I was out with my sister.

After lunch it was time to have a look at all of the entries on Twitter, it can be quite hard trying to whittle it down to the top three bu the thing I liked about the judging was that we chose the top three, then the deciding vote was done by the public on the amount of retweets each person got.

In the end, a beautiful Irish girl TrishMcEvoy won, which in turn meant I won, because Cheltenham is all about Ireland against England, woo woo!!

I had to fly back to Dublin straight after Cheltenham so no partying for me.

I wore a purple tweed suit from Catriona Hanley on the day, my hat was by milliner Laura Apsit Livens, bag by Aspinal of London, coat by Paul Costelloe and my shoes were Louboutin.

I think Paul is such an incredible Irish designer and I always jump at the chance to wear his pieces, which I did again at the Game of Thrones screening to mark the arrival of the new series.

I wore these really cool trousers from Paul Costello’s new collection and a top from Peggy Hartanta. I got my hair done in Hershesons, the masters of a curly blow dry in London.