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Vogue: Brian and I are doing our best to stay friends

Vogue at the Cannonball Run launch
Vogue at the Cannonball Run launch

I saw online that people were surprised that Brian put a picture of me on his Instagram.

I still live with Brian while I look for somewhere else in London, so we shared a cab to the airport the morning he took the picture.

I suppose it does look odd, even my sister found it strange, but to be honest we are doing our very best to stay friends. 

It’s not easy all the time and I’m sure it will be hard, but I honestly just want to make sure we can at least salvage a friendship. 

Brian has been one of my best friends and I would love to have a lifelong friendship with him. It’s nice having this column to clear things up!! While I’m on the topic, Brian and I will be sharing our dog Winston, who we’ve had for three years.

I went to the launch of the Cannonball run in Dublin on Friday night. It takes place over a weekend in September and proceeds go  to Make a Wish. I went with my friends Sarah and Andrea and after we had dinner in Xico and it was amazing. I don’t go out often, and when I do I really go for it, so Saturday was spent in my pyjamas, with loads of pizza!

I hope you’ve all had a great week; I’ve had a busy, but fun, seven days! 

I get to announce some exciting news, I’m the new face and body of UTan, an amazing new tan that Michelle Mone has brought out. 

I really look up to Michelle, I think she’s and amazing businesswoman and such a nice person. 

The tan is amazing; it never streaks and gives the nicest bronzed glow. I only apply one layer and it looks like I’ve been away for a week. 

It also doesn’t smell, it’s actually the first tan I’ve used that doesn’t give that weird fake tan smell! Here’s a shot from the new campaign.

There have been a couple of stories in the papers about the assault and robbery of two old-age pensioners in separate incidents. 

Reading theses stories made me sad for the world we are living in and, more importantly, for the two elderly victims. 

An 89-year-old woman was attacked and dragged along her front garden before being hung upside down and robbed for €20.

The second attack was an elderly taxi driver from Athlone who was robbed and stabbed up to 30 times.

It is shocking that people could carry out such vicious assaults, but even more so when you are so much older and not able to protect yourself. 

I got back to Dublin last week and I really felt like there were more homeless people on the streets than ever before. 

I do some work with The Simon Community and there is always a need for more helpers. 
It’s incredibly sad to see so many people struggling on the streets. Winter is coming and it’s quite terrifying to think of these poor souls left on the streets in the freezing cold. 

Last year we lost Jonathan Corrie, a 43-year-old homeless man who succumbed to the cold Irish winter.  

It’s vitally important that we try to ensure that this never happens again and that nobody is left without a bed for the night. 

If you have any spare time on your hands give the Simon Community a call, help is always welcome and much appreciated.