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Vogue: Putin decriminalising domestic violence disgusts me

Vogue: I am not a fan of Vladimir Putin
Vogue: I am not a fan of Vladimir Putin

LIKE many people I am not a fan of Vladimir Putin.

People are either fearful of him or do not like him. To say I was disgusted about what I read this week is a massive understatement.

Putin signed a law this week that has decriminalised domestic violence against spouses and children, as long as it doesn’t result in broken bones. How anyone could make it legal to hurt another person is beyond me. 

So I cannot break someone’s bones, but I can always give them brain damage, or perhaps I could damage their organs. As long as I’m in Russia and as long as I didn’t break a bone it’s fully legal. 

The whole thing is ludicrous and how it is a law that has been passed actually frightens me. So many families live with abusive partners or parents and find themselves in a relationship they feel they can’t get out of. 

This law justifies domestic violence, it sets a boundary that is so disgusting. It will give the abuser the right to harm someone and get away with it. The law actually reduces battery of a relative to a civil offence if the victim does not suffer serious harm. 

The supporters of this law say they are happy it passed because it protects a parent’s right to discipline their children. I was never slapped as a child, I mean I got the odd pinch here or there if I was being bold, but I don’t think it’s right to harm a child. I don’t think it sets a good example at such young age and I really don’t think there’s a need to resort to it either.

I SAID goodbye to Innsbruck this week, which was disappointing, but I was ready to go. 

I had so much fun on the slopes, but I was getting itchy feet watching everyone.

I loved my time on the show and was so lucky to learn everything I did – and I’ll be back if the show returns next year. 

I had my first appointment with my knee doctor last Friday, which went well. He said my knee is looking good and I’m booked in for surgery on the 23rd, which I’m excited about so I can get back on my feet. 

I actually started physio, which will make my knee stronger for the operation. It was the longest physio session I’ve ever had, two hours, up to four times a week, but it means I’ll be back to normal in no time.

For the first time in my life I may have to look at my diet. I’ll be off my feet for quite a while and although I’ve been training a lot in the gym, I can’t do what I used to do. I used to stuff my face because I was able to with all the training I did, but now I’ve had to be way more conscious of what I eat. 

I actually realised while I was over here in Austria that I was  probably eating too much anyway, because everyone said it to me! 

I know how to make healthier choices, but sometimes I just like eating the bad stuff – like most of us.

I read an article this week about how certain drinks are ruining the chances of anyone shifting the weight they want to. 

We all know alcohol is a major contributor to weight gain, so that’s off my list. I always try to avoid fruit juice as it’s so full of calories. Orange or apple juice has seven teaspoons of sugar in them. 

I stick to a green juice that I make at home in the morning. I mix avocado, ice, coconut water, spinach, kale, pineapple and lime juice – it’s so good and filling too. I’m quite glad I don’t drink coffee, as a single white coffee can have 270 calories in it. 

I think as a nation that is fast becoming the fattest in Europe it’s important that we educate ourselves on how we should be eating and drinking. 

I am still learning things every day, but I do know how to eat healthy, I had just chosen not to until now. 
Even if we could pull back on the drinks we consume it would make a huge difference to our calorie intake, which would inevitably make weight loss easier.  

I know when I go out I’ll always drink vodka, fresh lime and fizzy water, because it’s a drink with so few calories. 

Another tip is to avoid the creamy coffees, unless they’re a treat. 

I’m actually quite looking forward to being more healthy. 

Austrian food is so stodgy and I really went in on all the bad food because I thought I could with all the training. In reality it was making me tired and didn’t help my skin at all. I definitely don’t want to lose weight, but I want to feel better from the inside out.

I doubt I’ll go as far as any of the Victoria’s Secret girls because the Terry’s chocolate orange balls are £1 in the Tesco beside my house; it would be rude not to!