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Vogue: Public break-ups are hard to go through

Vogue: When a marriage breaks down, there’s a feeling of complete failure
Vogue: When a marriage breaks down, there’s a feeling of complete failure

True love doesn’t exist!

Well if Brad and Angelina can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us mere mortals.

I’m totally joking by the way – but I was still quite shocked to hear that after 12 years together, Brangelina have decided to call it quits. 

I can’t imagine being in a worse position than the two of them right now; not only are they dealing with the heartbreak of their marriage ending, they also have to deal with the entire world scrutinising them yet again. 

It was only one day since their split and allegations of affairs, rages, drug and alcohol abuse were already being flung.

I am quite surprised by the level of information that is being leaked out, making this a very public split. 

It all began when one of Brad’s co-stars, Marion Cotillard, was dragged in to the middle of the break-up with claims they had an affair on set. The pregnant actress had to deny it on her Instagram page.

Team Angelina are definitely out in front on this one – Brad is definitely not coming out of this well at the moment.

Even as the affair claims were blowing over, there were new allegations that Pitt was being violently abusive by screaming at his children on a plane. 

Angelina supposedly filed for divorce after an incident between Brad and his son Maddox on a flight last Wednesday.

It was said that he got drunk and started going wild and getting abusive. It’s quite a strong allegation and the FBI have been called in on the matter, with police visiting the home where Pitt is staying. 

He is staying in their house in Beverly Hills, while she is staying with all of their children in Malibu. 

Another source leaked that she doesn’t want him to have access to the children right now. Friends of Pitt have come to his side and said he was never abusive towards any of his children. 

It’s an extraordinary level of publicity for a couple who are quite private and could always afford to pay for a level of privacy. 

It’s like a propaganda war and nobody knows what really caused their break-up. 

When you get divorced you have to give reasons as to why you want to divorce and although you don’t want to make the other person look bad, the reasons need to be truthful and enough to warrant a divorce being granted. 

I feel so sorry for them as they have to deal with everyone discussing their split. I know when I went through a very public break-up that having people I didn’t know discuss it was one of the worst parts.

I was obviously very upset and when a marriage breaks down, there’s a feeling of complete failure too. I couldn’t help but read what people were saying and with so many tweets directed at me it was impossible not to see it.

I literally wanted to hide away, but even that was hard with photographers following me trying to get the first photo. 

Now my break-up was nowhere near the level of Brad and Angelina so I think we will be hearing the ins and outs of their relationship for a very long time. 

This divorce will be a messy one.

I had quite a busy week, but had to take a couple of days off because of a chest infection.

I hate being sick and I ended up missing an amazing fashion show I was meant to walk in for London fashion week.

I walked for Vin and Omi last year and had so much fun. I was disappointed to miss out, but I ended up spending Monday stuck in bed.

On Tuesday I did some filming for the BBC before I flew back to Dublin for work. My mom and stepdad were home in Dublin so it was good to catch up with them and the rest of the family.

I was filming with Republic of Telly on Wednesday down at the Ploughing Championships in Tullamore.  I know 280,000 attended, but I have a confession to make – I had never heard of it! 

Vogue at the Ploughing Championships

It must be the most Irish festival in the world. It’s basically the Electric Picnic of farmers!

On Wednesday, I was doing some more filming for Republic of Telly; this time it was at the Antiques fair and we did such a funny skit. I’m sure anyone I spoke to that day thought I had slightly lost the plot.

I went to see Calvin Harris at the Roundhouse on Friday evening as part of the Apple Music Festival. I was on my best behaviour as I was up so early on Saturday morning, but the gig was so good. 

On Saturday I headed off to Manchester to host another one of the Bear Grylls survival races. I have yet to try it out, but I am holding off for the London race!

Last week I wrote in my column about body shaming – this week I am writing about the worrying level of obesity in Ireland. 

I would first like to say that I am not shaming anyone who is overweight at all. To me, it is more of a health matter. 

Ireland is currently at risk of becoming the country in Europe with the highest levels of obesity. The government is hoping we reduce our average weight by five per cent in the next decade and the ‘Healthy Weight for Ireland’ plan was launched by Marcella Corcoran Kennedy last week.

The plan will include a revised food pyramid that will show people what they should be eating everyday.

It took me quite a while and a lot of information off different people and books to get a healthy balance in my life. I hope this plan can do the same for anyone struggling with their weight.