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Vogue: My generation bears the brunt of badly run society

Vogue: My generation bears the brunt of badly run society

I read a study recently that was commissioned by the Department of Social Protection, which found young adults were twice as likely to experience quality of life problems.

The study focused on 11 problems: income; poverty; inability to afford basic goods and services; financial strain; poor health and housing; mental distress; crowded accommodation; neighbourhood problems; mistrust of democratic institutions; lack of social support and feeling unsafe in one’s locality.

The whole study just shows how our young generation, particularly the under-30s, are struggling.

House prices are beginning to rise again and rent prices have become a major problem.

It’s almost impossible for a young person to support themselves financially after they move out of their family home.

Although some people have the option to stay in the family home, a lot don’t, and this is leading to a huge rise in poverty and homelessness among my generation.

The rise in rental prices does not reflect the salaries people are paid. It’s almost impossible to buy a home, you need a 20 per cent down-payment and with rising prices this is slipping further and further from people’s grasp.

I know a lot of my friends simply can’t afford to buy and they can’t even save up for it because rent prices are so high.

The only friends of mine that were lucky enough to buy homes could only do so because they bought with a partner – and even at that it was still difficult.

I found it hard in my 20s before my career was where it’s at now, as I didn’t have a lot of money. I could barely afford the rent and I’m glad all of that is behind me, but it shouldn’t be like that. 

The bigger problem is the people that can’t even afford to live in appropriate housing; those who end up homeless and in hostels and can hardly afford to feed themselves.

This is Ireland, not a third-world country, yet we are still seeing poverty. 

There is a lack of jobs, a lack of housing and most certainly a lack of social support – particularly in the mental health sector, whose budget has now been cut massively.

As a country we need to ensure that the quality of life for all of our citizens is at an appropriate level.

People need to be in suitable accommodation with the ability to afford basic goods and services.

We spend so much money improving our transport systems when this money is needed more in other areas.

Our healthcare system is over capacity and people aren’t receiving the care they need, so why is money not being placed here?

There are over 100 people rough sleeping in Dublin alone every night, so why is the money not being spent to fix this?

Our priorities are all wrong and I would rather forego the extended Luas line if the money was going to help people that need it to survive.

I was just devastated to watch the events in Nice unfold.

The death toll is at 84 as I write this, including men, women and children.

A 31-year-old French-Tunisian man ploughed through crowds out celebrating Bastille Day last Thursday evening.

He drove the lorry in a zigzag fashion to ensure he murdered as many people as he possibly could. 

France has seen so many horrific attacks over the last year.

They have upped their national security, but it’s impossible to try and stop every single person who wants to cause others harm.

My prayers go out to all the families that have been affected by this attack.

My beautiful friends Carla Rose and Nadine Quinn opened their amazing new salon, The Space, in Drumcondra this week.

I went to the opening and it is so gorgeous. The party was amazing and I’m very proud of what the girls have achieved. They are very hard workers and it’s so nice to see it all coming together for them.

They have amazing hair stylists and my go-to make-up artist Ashley O’Rourke is on hand to make sure you leave looking like a million euro!

They did a really cool braid updo in my hair for the event (main pic) and I left it in for a few days because I loved it so much.

I wore a dress I have from Alice McCall and my shoes were from Buffalo Dublin.