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Vogue: Michaella is naive to think well-rehearsed excuse is believable

Michaella McCollum during her RTE interview
Michaella McCollum during her RTE interview

There was uproar this week over the Michaella McCollum interview that aired on RTE.

There is a huge fascination with her and a lot of people sat down to watch the interview. I can see why there was such an interest in seeing what she had to say, as it was a highly publicised case, but doing the interview was probably another mistake on her part. 

She should have left prison and tried to live her life out of the public eye. 

There wasn’t much revealed in the interview: she tried to smuggle drugs, she got caught and went to prison – story over. 

Instead she made up excuses, but is it really credible to describe herself as being naive at her age? 

I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to smuggle drugs at 10 years old let alone 19 years old. We all make mistakes, but smuggling drugs can hardly be classed as a mistake. 

She knew exactly what she was doing, being old enough to live in Ibiza alone means you’re old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. 

She took a risk to make money, knowing full well the consequences of her actions and knowing that these drugs would probably end up killing someone.

She even admitted: “I would have had blood on my hands, had the drugs made it to their destination.” 

I believe she has served her time in prison and paid the price for what she did. However, I’m refusing to accept it can be called a mistake. 

Why she had to go on TV to bring yet more attention to it is beyond me. The whole interview was soft and well rehearsed on her behalf. I have had media training myself and left it after one class in fear of being turned into a puppet.

I think what didn’t sit right with people the most was the claim that she was a young girl forced from her home for receiving secterarian threats when it just wasn’t the truth. 

In reality she was a young girl who went to live it up in Ibiza that tried to make cash fast by smuggling drugs and got caught. 

My advice to Michaella would be to go and live your life privately and try and put the last few years behind you and be thankful things weren’t a lot worse.

The joy of having a column in the Sunday World is that I get to clarify things I said that were twisted in the media.

I did interviews last week saying it was shi**y that Irish radio stations weren’t playing Nicky Byrne’s (left) Eurovision song. I never said Irish radio stations were shi**y – I work for Spin FM so that wouldn’t really make sense for me to say, and I certainly don’t think Irish radio is anything other than amazing! 

I do, however, think it is wrong that they aren’t giving Nicky airplay due to him having a show on 2FM. I mean, this is our entry for the Eurovision, a competition that we all love in Ireland, so should we not be showing Nicky our support?

I think we all need to support our own and be a little bit more patriotic. I personally hope Nicky does really well.