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Vogue: Many Brits were unaware of the fallout of Brexit

Leading Leave campaigner Boris Johnson
Leading Leave campaigner Boris Johnson

I was very disappointed that Britain decided to vote out of the EU.

Although I think the EU definitely needs reform, I don’t think Britain leaving will do any good. 

It will take about two years for plans to actually start moving, but I’m worried about the future, particularly as a British resident. 

I don’t think people were properly up to speed on what would happen if they left, but democracy has spoken and they’re out.

The pound has already taken a nosedive and I think there is going to be a lot more losses in jobs and investment and this will impact the younger generation quite badly. 

Gone is the right to live and work freely in 27 other countries, which is one of the best parts of staying within the EU. 

It’s uncertain what will happen with Ireland and Northern Ireland – will borders be put back in place? 

Google searches since the vote to leave came in have shown a 100 per cent spike in searches for “getting an Irish passport”.  

It also reported that at 1am, eight hours after the polls closed, searches for “what happens if we leave the EU?” had tripled. It just shows that people weren’t fully aware of what they were voting on. 

I think the surge of immigrants into the U.K. and the relentless press stories regarding this matter frightened people. 

The vote was not on the amount of immigrants moving freely within the U.K., but this seemed to play a big part in peoples decisions. 

Saturday showed me how worried my generation were about the impact of Britain leaving, as I had constant conversations with friends about what the future holds and how devastating the whole vote was. 

Nigel Farage played the classic politician when he said that promising €350 million to the NHS if Britain left the EU was a mistake. It was bare-faced lying just to sway a vote. 

I think the uncertainty of everyone shows that there should be another vote, but I doubt that will happen. It’s more wishful thinking on my part because if there was another vote I don’t think we would be seeing the same result. 

We are now living in a world where there’s a possibility of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States and Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the U.K., how can that even be possible?

It’s been so lovely to see the reaction from other nations to how amazing the Irish fans have been at the Euros. 

We beat Italy, which was amazing, and it seems like we’re good at having a laugh without causing any problems too. One magazine in France asked “Are the Irish fans the best in the world?” Another publication, Le Monde, eulogised “The Irish: the model fans of Euro 2016.”

I hate that we carry a tag of being big drinkers that are out of control, because that’s not the type of nation we are and the fans in France have shown that. 

The same cannot be said for the Russian fans, who seem intent on ruining the Euros for everyone.

I was so excited to be a guest panellist on Loose Women on Tuesday.

I love being a guest on the show – it is so much fun. 

I got to have a gossip with the girls for an hour and I can be quite opinionated, but luckily that’s welcome on the Loose Women panel.