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Vogue: Kim Kardashian deserves a fair deal from women

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

All hail Kim Kardashian! I love that Kim hit back at her critics by posting a topless shot with Emily Ratajkowski online this week.

Earlier in the year, Kim posted a snap of herself naked but covering up the important parts and she was met with an insane amount of abuse from online know-it-alls. 

Personally, I saw no problem with Kim posting the snaps - she’s a woman who is proud of her body and wants to show it off. 

In an age where women all over the world are fighting for equality and choice, should we all not have each other’s backs? 

Posting a snap of herself naked makes her no less a woman than any of the rest of us, she is a woman who is so confident in herself that posting a snap like this probably didn’t even make her think twice. 

Is feminism only for intellectual, “good” women and if you happen to be a “bad” woman, are you not entitled to the same equality? 

If you’re an extremely calculating, manipulative, narcissistic vacuous celebrity, are you not worthy of gender equality, the same rights and opportunities as men?

When Kim said she felt empowered, why do we not trust her or believe her but, instead, question her empowerment? 

We’re doing exactly the opposite of what feminism claims to want – not listening to, or trusting, women to make their own decisions and dismissing how they say they feel.

The difference between empowerment and objectification is who holds the power and Kim definitely holds the power.

Regarding role models - I think this is a separate issue and we need to look again to society and how we assign role model status. 

Should someone be a role model just because they’re famous? Of course, the answer is – definitely not. Role models should become role models based on their actions. 

However, individual people cannot decide to become role models. It’s something bestowed on them by society. 

So when it comes to Kim, did she set out to be a moral role model? Hell no, she just wanted to be rich and famous. 

Do rich and famous women not deserve the right to make choices for themselves? Even if those choices are not ones we would make ourselves?

I just hate that we pick and choose which women are deemed worthy enough to be part of feminism. 

I find it funny that you are automatically deemed unclassy if you post a picture of your body, 

I had a similar situation a few months ago, not to Kim K’s extent, thankfully.

I posted a picture in a bodysuit lying on my bed, I genuinely didn’t think it would create such a reaction but I actually felt upset about it. 

I had people telling me I was a slut, unclassy, every name under the sun. 

I’m all about the girls and empowering each other instead of tearing each other down, whatever happened to girl power?