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Vogue: It’s people that make a country, not a president

I watched with my hands over my eyes as Donald Trump was elected the next American President
I watched with my hands over my eyes as Donald Trump was elected the next American President

This was a bad week for America. I watched with my hands over my eyes as Donald Trump was elected the next American President.

I cannot believe I am writing those words, but I find it quite comical really once I got over the initial shock.

As I watched I could picture scenes from those end-of-the-world disaster movies, but after a long conversation with my stepdad I felt slightly more hopeful.

More hopeful in the way that I hope Trump listens to — and does exactly what — his advisers tell him to.

I don’t think Hillary was a great candidate either but, as always with politics, she was the best of a bad bunch. We have had two female Irish presidents — and they were amazing.  I think Hillary would have done a good job.

I keep telling myself it’s only four years.What damage can he do in four years!  But  then I believe that people make a country, not a president and America has many good people to help it thorough.

The world is definitely a very different place than just a few months ago.

On this side of the Atlantic we are already starting to feel the chill wind of Brexit change.

It’s not only affecting Britain but it’s affecting every other nation in Europe. Ireland in particular has taken quite a beating from Brexit.

Five of this country’s 60 mushroom farms were forced to close since the referendum, including two just this week. The Irish mushroom industry employs 3,500 people here and sells four fifths of its produce to Britain.

To me this is just the sort of bad things to come post-Brexit — regardless of what any politician says; they’re not exactly known for telling the truth.

Things will get bad, very bad. Borders are going to become more present. The French president has said that Britain must pay a price for leaving the EU, so they may no longer be allies.

I don’t know what happens if Britain decides to stop other Europeans living and working within the UK, but it won’t be good news for the large numbers of British living abroad.

If Britain stops people living and working in the UK, the rest of Europe will soon stop allowing Britons live and work in theirs.

I am a UK resident and I find all of this very worrying. I love Britain I think it’s a great country to live and work in, but it is greater as part of Europe.

I agree that changes need to be made within the EU but Britain will never get a chance to see those changes.

We do a huge amount of business with Britain and countless jobs will be lost and firms closed down because of Brexit.

I have a lot of British friends and not one of them wanted Britain to leave the EU.  Now we are facing the consequences of everyone else’s decision.

I’m so excited for party season

My new series aired on RTE 2 at 9.30pm on Tuesday night this week, which was so exciting. The series is on at the same time for the next three weeks, so be sure to tune in and watch it.

Most of my week was spent doing lots of promos for the show. I had interviews on radio and TV appearances on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I flew back to London as I was doing for an event for Boux Avenue — a lingerie company who throw really good parties! I wore an outfit (right) by Spotted on Celeb and Boux Avenue that night.

On Thursday I was attending another event in London. I love when the party season gets going again as I always meet up with friends that I haven’t seen in ages, so it’s always fun, fun, fun all the way.

My friend Matthew Feeney moved over to London on Friday, which is the most exciting news for me.  He’s been my hairdresser for a few years now and we’ve become great pals, so he decided to come and live with me in London and start working here.

We went out to celebrate on Friday night and then I spent Saturday and Sunday packing because I’m moving in a couple of weeks, which I’m dreading. I hate moving but I really love my new apartment, so I just can’t wait to be in and finally settled.