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Vogue: Irresponsible dog owners should be jailed for attacks

Vogue: Irresponsible dog owners should be jailed for attacks

A TWO-YEAR-OLD was attacked and mauled by a pack of up to 10 dogs this week in Liverpool.

The child was playing in her own garden when the dogs burst through a hole in the fence from her neighbour’s.

It was only because of the quick thinking of her hero aunt that she survived the vicious attack.

The young girl is in a stable condition in hospital and although her injuries aren’t life threatening, she was badly injured and has already had surgery.

I find it devastating to read stories like this.

They seem to happen quite often and for me the blame lies with the irresponsible dog owners.

Merseyside Police confirmed Andrew McGowan (35), had been charged after being arrested on suspicion of having out of control dogs.

I know a lot of people say that certain types of dangerous breeds are the reason these attacks occur, but I honestly don’t think that.

I’ve been a dog owner my whole life and an incredible amount of training has to go into each animal you own.

There’s no point in owning a dog unless you are willing to train them to behave in a non-violent way.

There are so many people who train their dogs as weapons and turn them vicious.

I had two Doberman dogs growing up and they were very well trained.

My brother, who was two at the time, could sit on them and pull at them and they would never ever snap.

I’ve been around other people’s dogs, one of which was a Jack Russell, and I was terrified.

It would snap at everyone except its owner and was let away with its behaviour, which does no favours to anyone.

I’m sure that Andrew McGowan didn’t expect his dogs to attack and almost kill a child, but he could get away with just losing his dogs and a slap on the wrist.

It’s just not punishment enough for irreparably damaging this child’s life and there should be some kind of custodial sentence for an attack like this.

I had a ball on Bowe getaway and loved my Jump reunion

I’VE HAD a really great week, apart from the never-ending cold I have! I started by flying out to Ibiza to film my travel show Getaways. Tommy Bowe is my new co-host and he’s brilliant to work with. I’m not really big into clubs and before coming to Ibiza I always thought that was the main draw to it.

Although loads of people come for the clubs and nightlife, it has so much more to offer than just that. We started off our trip in the old town, which is my favourite part as you can have a chilled holiday there.


On Friday my chilled week turned not so chilled when some of my friends from The Jump arrived! They came for the weekend and after I finished work on Friday I met the crew at STK for a really lovely dinner.  

On Saturday I was filming in the morning so I was very well behaved the night before, but the big night out was Saturday so I didn’t mind too much. 

I met everyone at a beach bar where we had a few drinks and danced the day away in the sun. 

After dinner we went to a club for the opening night and had such a laugh together. It was just so great to see everyone again as I haven’t seen most of them since Austria.