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Vogue: I'm piste off I had to miss The Jump

Vogue faces three months out of action
Vogue faces three months out of action

What a week! Last Monday morning it was back to skiing with a 6am start, where we got our pairings for another event on The Jump.

I love snow cross. I think it’s my favourite. You are in a pair of boots that are flat at the end and act as little skis. 

I’m quite good at it so I was looking forward to that race. You also get to push each other over to try to get in front! 

In practice I was paired with Gareth Thomas, Louis Smith, Spencer Matthews and Jason Robinson and all they wanted to do was push each other over and rugby tackle each other.

Unfortunately for me, on Wednesday disaster struck and I had an accident on the slopes. It was just such a pity and I’m devastated to say that I’m now out of the show. 

I’ve ruptured the ACL in my knee so I’m going to be out of action for about three months. I was practicing my ski cross and had a fall, but luckily the medic was there and I got back down the mountain super fast. 

I went straight to a private clinic for an MRI scan and they gave me a brace for my leg and the most disgusting yellow crutches. 

Everyone has been so amazing and I’m being really well looked after here until I get back to the U.K. I fly back next week and then have an appointment with a really great knee surgeon, so I’ll hopefully be getting my operation within the next two weeks. I’m really hoping that the show comes back next year because I would jump at the chance of being on it again. 

I wouldn’t swap the last couple of months for anything because I’ve honestly had the best time. I’m going to stay out in Austria until I need to go back to London to get my knee sorted out. I want to be at as many of the live shows as possible to cheer the team on. 

I’ve made so many new friends on this show from the cast and crew and I know they’ll be my pals for life.

I GET quite frustrated when I’m being linked to every single person I hang out with. Well, only the boys! 

My poor pal Ricky has a girlfriend and came out with me recently,  which suddenly made him my boyfriend! 

Even my flatmate, who is gay, gets it if we go to events together. I decided to set the record straight because my mother asks me every week who I’m seeing. 

I have dated two people since my marriage broke up, but I am not currently dating. I never thought I would say this because I’m not great at spending time alone, but recently I’ve come to love it. 

I live with two boys I’ve known for years in London and I’m content with my situation – for now. I am quite honest and open about my life for anyone who is interested enough to ask me, so if I ever begin seeing someone I wouldn’t feel the need to hide it.