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Vogue: I'm happy to go it alone to have kids

Vogue: I'm happy to go it alone to have kids

During the week I went to BBC Wogan House in London to go on George Hook’s radio show.

I know a lot of people thought there was tension between George and me on Brendan O’Connor’s show Cutting Edge, but I can assure you that wasn’t the case. 

I love Cutting Edge because everyone is entitled to their opinion and whether or not you agree with it you certainly won’t fall out over it. 

George asked me to go on his radio show for a chat and I was happy to pop along. I’ve done radio before, but George definitely has a different way of doing it. 

He hadn’t prepared questions or an interview, but he had done a lot of research on me and knew about shows I had done years ago, so it was a really easy chat. 

One thing he asked was whether or not I was broody. I said I was, because as soon as my niece Jeanie (right) arrived last year I realised how much I wanted children of my own. Now, saying that, I’m not ready just yet to go down that road. Jeanie is more than enough for me for the next few years, but children are what I want in my future.

George asked what I would do if I hadn’t met someone to have children with and I said I’d have them on my own. 

I was surprised by the reaction. A lot of people seem to find this odd, but to me it makes the most sense in the world. I was previously in a relationship that I thought I would have children in and when that broke up I did spend a lot of time worrying that I would never get to become a mother. 

Once I got used to the idea of being single and quite content in the fact that I could be single forever, I really started to think about what I would do when it came to having children on my own. 

Instead of seeing being single as a negative, I realised that if children were what I eventually wanted I could do it alone. 

I mean, it’s not the ideal situation for me, obviously I would rather be in a relationship, but I think missing out on children just because I don’t have a partner would be silly. 

I have a friend whose sister has had four children on her own because she hadn’t met someone by the time she was 40. 

I would say her life is pretty hectic, but I admire her for doing it and I know she is extremely happy. 

I’ve learnt in life there are ways around most things. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I will be a mother one day.

Well Pepsi certainly know how to create a storm – come up with a ridiculous advert and waste a crazy amount of money doing it. 

Last week their new ad with the one and only Kendall Jenner was launched. Within a day the internet had gone crazy and the campaign had been pulled. 

It was a strange ad from the beginning and it ended with Kendall giving a policeman in riot gear a can of Pepsi and all of a sudden the riot had ended. Yep, Pepsi think you can end police brutality with a can of Pepsi. 

The ad received a lot of criticism for trivialising the Black Lives Matter movement and I agree that it did. 

It’s crazy how an ad like that could go through so many people without one person mentioning that it was stupid and actually quite offensive. 

Even Martin Luther King’s daughter sent out a tweet, saying “if Daddy would have only known about the power of Pepsi” alongside a photo of her father being pushed by a policeman. 

I’m sure a few people in Pepsi are worried for their jobs for making the brand look pretty stupid. I prefer Coke anyway!

My stepdad rang me about the row between Ireland’s international women’s football team and the FAI.

The Irish women’s team is paid nowhere near the amount the men’s team is paid and while this is down to ticket sales, some of the other issues were ridiculous. The team was simply asking for what they described as “borderline basics”, which I completely agree with. 

They would like to keep their own tracksuits, I mean it doesn’t get more basic than that! 

They would also like a €300 fee for international matches, which would cover their loss of earnings for days they miss in work when they are training or playing. 

They also want their gym memberships covered as they need to train hard. 

This is not a lot to ask for, and they should not even need to be fighting for something so small. 

The FAI is said to have ‘threatened’ players in an email, saying their careers and reputations would be damaged. 

I think the FAI is really going to have to pull its socks up on this issue. Do they honestly think it has gone unnoticed that the CEO John Delaney is earning more per year that the total budget for the women’s football team? It’s an absolute disgrace. 

On Thursday they managed to come to an agreement. The women’s issues have been resolved, but I wonder would this have even happened had they not taken a stance or had the FAI’s threatening email worked. 

Good on these women for standing up for what they believe in, they do a fantastic job for our country.

I have been doing double physio sessions this week because my knee hasn’t been too good. I came off my crutches and stupidly walked around way too much for three days, so I had a lot of work to do. 

I took a lot of the week off to sit at home and write and I was in physio for four hours a day most days. 

I did have a shoot with Easilocks on Thursday, which is always fun. I was shooting some tutorials which will be up soon. I’m so bad at doing my own hair, but even I was able to create cool looks with their clip-in pieces. 

I flew back to Dublin on Friday morning as I was guest presenter on Big Week on the Farm on Friday evening. The show is absolutely brilliant, it’s mad to be on it and I laughed so much the whole way through – and I can now say that I’ve milked a cow! 

I stayed in Dublin on Saturday and Sunday to catch up with friends and family. 

I always try to see as many people as I can while I’m home and I had a lovely weekend with everyone.