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Vogue: I know how Beyonce feels - I've been cheated on too

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z

Well I most definitely would not want to be on the wrong side of Beyonce!

She released her newest offering, Lemonade, which is a visual album that doesn’t disappoint. What got everyone talking was the fact she seemed to be referencing Jay Z’s affairs in the video. 

She mentioned “Becky with the good hair”, which was referring to her hubby’s alleged affair with fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Roy herself brought attention to it by posting something on Instagram suggesting she was the one with the good hair – I can confirm she has good hair!

Supposedly, Rachel Roy was the cause of the infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange. 

Now this is either a very clever marketing tool, or else it’s quite a good form of revenge.

Anyone who has been cheated on can associate with Beyonce, as it’s something that is very hard to forget.

I have been cheated on in the past and I still don’t speak to the girl who kissed my boyfriend. 

I bumped into her recently and that feeling of anger came right back after all those years, because one thing I cannot stand is a fake girl. Do not act like my friend when you plan on stabbing me in the back – if I only I had been as cool as Beyonce and released an unreal, video-like revenge! 

She waited a long time for this, but her and Jay Z are reunited at the end of the video, which shows all is forgiven. 

It’s a strange one really; Jay Z is the one that is married but he seems to get away with it, while the girls he was with tear into each other.

I think girls want other girls to have their back and being with someone who is in a relationship breaks girl code. 

If someone didn’t know a man was attached and was completely honest in their mistake, then I could personally forgive that girl, not so much the person I was with, though. 

The only thing I couldn’t forgive is a girl who knows a man is with someone and still chooses to go there.

First Dates has started on RTE 2. I’m a huge fan of the UK version, but I actually prefer the Irish one. 

It’s funny watching people on dates and how different each one is. This is a light-hearted show, but some people are getting annoyed with it.

It seems that the women weren’t too happy with the men paying and were even more unhappy about some men saying ‘it’s the manly thing to do’ to pick up the bill for dinner.

I am not the best at dating, I never have been, and the bit that makes me cringe the most is the paying part. 

I would call myself a feminist, but a man paying a bill would not make me feel like I’m any less of a feminist.

I personally like to go halves on things, but if the man is persistent, I allow him to pay and I would just get the next bill – if he hasn’t completely put me off on the first date. 

First dates are super awkward anyway, so it’s best to go with your gut at the payment part. If you don’t plan on seeing the person again, go halves. 

In all fairness, I’m probably the last person that should be giving dating advice, but that’s my two cents worth!

I read a story about two women who were escorted off a plane for being drunk and abusive

I have never been on a plane where this has happened, but I think any behaviour like this is disgusting. Everyone has paid for a plane ticket and nobody wants their flight to be disrupted.  The women were drinking and playing music out of a speaker – how could they think that was ok?

They probably got the shock of their lives when they were met by police on the other side, but they deserved some kind of punishment. 

My mom used to work as an air hostess and she had to put up with a lot; it’s not an easy job and everybody deserves to be treated with respect.