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Vogue: 'Ghosting' trend is truly horrible

Vogue: 'Ghosting' trend is truly horrible

A BIZARRE modern-day problem that’s become a part of our society caught my eye this week.

I read an article about the growing trend of ‘ghosting’. It involved two best friends and one day one of them posted on Facebook giving out about someone.

The other friend quickly realised it was her and asked her friend about it. 

With no explanation and after a 30-year friendship all contact was cut. The friend who wrote the Facebook post just stopped replying and that was the end of that. 

It’s a new trend that just sees people completely cut others from their lives with no apparent reason. 

It leaves the dropped person feeling confused, upset and blaming themselves. I’d never heard of it with friends, but I have with relationships. 

It happened to one of my friends before with a guy with whom she had been on a few dates and instead of ending it he just ignored her. 

It happened to me before with someone I was dating for quite a long period of time and I found it very hard to understand. 

I didn’t get what had happened, I spent a long time thinking it was something I had done and eventually I realised it had nothing to do with me and he was just a coward who couldn’t end it in a normal way. 

It’s a horrible thing to do to someone and I know myself that if I feel like something isn’t working out I would always just come out and say it. 

I think that people are becoming more selfish and self-involved and other people’s feelings don’t seem to matter as much anymore. 

I guess I’m writing about this because it’s a growing trend and I would hope any people reading this article who have been affected by it can see it’s not their fault – some people just aren’t good people.

Last week was slightly crazy with work for me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as tired as I do right now, but I feel lucky to be so busy and doing what I love. 

I arrived home from Ibiza on Monday and it must have been the first time I’ve been at that airport feeling fresh! I was over there filming for my travel show Getaways and then I had a day off to spend with my friends from The Jump. 

On Tuesday it was back to physio and meetings and I went for a run for the first time in months, so I was absolutely delighted. 

I had to go to a dinner that night, which was lovely, but a late night and early morning don’t sit well together! 

The next morning I was up early to head off to Edinburgh to host the Global Gift Gala with my friend Nick Ede. 

Eva Longoria heads the charity and it was such a fantastic night with a lot of money raised. I was a little bit starstruck meeting Eva for the first time, but she is so lovely and does brilliant work for the charity. 

Another late night and a 5am start made Thursday rough, but I’ve mastered sleeping on planes and in cars so I was all set for my meeting. 

I went to the In The Style party that night, which was a lot of fun. I only stayed for an hour as I was off to DJ for a new hotel in London. The party was in full swing when I left and looked like a lot of fun. I came home to Dublin on Friday and had a night of chilling with my aunty and best friend Sarah. 

On Saturday I was hosting an event in Arnotts. They have an amazing new fitness section in their store with some of my favourite brands.  

We had a fashion show of their new exclusive brands and the day went really well. I will be on a flight back to Scotland by the time you’re reading this for a very chilled couple of days and I can’t wait!

This week Instagram has been ranked as the social media platform most harmful to young people’s mental health, according to a UK report.

The #StatusOfMind report of 1,479 people aged 14 to 24 found that the photo-sharing platform was damaging to young people’s body image and contributed to anxiety, depression and loneliness. The report suggests social media is a more harmful addiction than cigarettes and alcohol and it probably is. 

I think when it starts affecting your mental health it’s time to take a step back. Aside from the bullying and trolling which goes on, a lot of young people feel inadequate when looking at what other people are putting up. 

The report has recommended that social media platforms highlight when a person’s photo has been digitally manipulated. I agree with this as it will allow people to see what is doctored.

In some ways I miss the days of not having social media, but that’s never going to change so it’s important to monitor everything.