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Vogue: Tyson Fury has been Trumped by moron Donald

Vogue: It’s sad that we still have people in this world with such ridiculous views as Donald Trump and Tyson Fury
Vogue: It’s sad that we still have people in this world with such ridiculous views as Donald Trump and Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury beaten to the punch by Donald Trump

It’s sad that we still have people in this world with such ridiculous views as Donald Trump and Tyson Fury.
I think heavyweight champion Fury may have had a punch to the head too many after reading his latest comments. 
He believes that women “belong in the kitchen or on their back” and that homosexuality is wrong. 
I think we have come too far to pay too much attention to this idiot, but he is up for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.
Also up for the prize is long jump star Greg Rutherford, who had decided to withdraw his name because Fury was on the list. 
I can understand his point of view, because with someone like Fury in the running it takes away from what the prize stands for.
Rutherford eventually decided to keep his name in, which I’m glad he did, as people like Fury need to be taken on.  
Which brings us to Trump, or ‘the Donald’ as he likes to be known.
I always thought Donald Trump was actually quite funny and entertaining, if maybe a little bizarre, with weird hair.
However, my opinion has now changed rapidly.
Not content with building a wall to keep Mexicans out, and banning Irish J1 students, he has now come out saying that all Muslims should be banned from America.
This is a man currently running for president of the United States.
And the scary thing is he’s actually in with a chance. Frightening.
For a man in a position like his to come out with such racist, fascist comments is so irresponsible, to say the least. 
There are a lot of Americans that hang on his every word and actually want him as their president, in spite of the fact that he wants to ban an entire religion from the country. 
Obviously banning Muslims will never happen, but he has now put that huge hatred out there and he seems to have a lot of support from people.
I feel sorry for the innocent people who are Muslim and are now being tarnished because of a group of lunatics within their religion. 
Evil exists all over the world and not just in the Muslim community.
I always thought Trump was an independently wealthy and successful businessman, but I Googled him and he actually inherited a lot of his fortune from his father.
He was also bailed out by the American banks when he went bankrupt.  
Perhaps not surprisingly, another policy he wants is to shut down the internet to stop ISIS recruiting on it.
He is a very high-powered man and the next obvious step for him was government.
He has been on the campaign trail and he has a lot of supporters, so there is a chance of him becoming president.
Can you imagine President Trump? 
I mean, George W Bush was one thing, but Donald Trump is taking the joke a bit far!
Let’s hope American voters tell the former Apprentice star: ‘You’re fired.’
The outdated views of Trump and Fury belong in the past.

Rent Crisis

Homelessness is still a massive problem in Ireland, but even more so now with the rental market going up all the time.

The Simon Community has warned that the rising rents are pushing families out of their homes.
Rents are now 8.6 per cent higher than they were at this time last year.
I think a cap should be put on rents because it’s going to cause much bigger problems in the long term if there isn’t. 
l I live in London and the rents there are crazy as well – you couldn’t get anywhere central for cheaper than £600 a week. 
It’s a lose-lose situation: if you don’t have enough money for a deposit you have no choice but to rent.
And the young generation are the ones caught in the trap.

Party Season

Christmas is well and truly on! I had a few yuletide parties to attend last week.
I went to the Guide Dogs Annual Awards, which honours the life-changing work of the charity, at the Hilton on Park Lane in London.
It was a really good night and so nice to see everyone winning awards for such great work. 
l I also went to the Sunday Times Style party, where I saw Graham Norton.
I adore him, but I was too embarrassed to ask for a picture!
Still, at least I got to dress up in these gorgeous frocks.