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Taylor’s love life moved Swiftly – but bashing ex in public is senseless

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

The take-down of Taylor Swift reached new depths this week when Kim Kardashian posted videos of Tay Tay agreeing to the release of Kanye West’s song Famous, which she had originally called offensive and derogatory.

Taylor didn’t know Kim was recording the whole conversation and it has now come back to bite her on the bum.

That’s the great thing about dishonest people; no matter the scale of their dishonesty, they always get caught – karma at its best.

Taylor’s music isn’t to my taste, but I can appreciate her talent. However, the one thing I never liked about her is the way she annihilates ex-boyfriends in her music.

I understand she writes about life experiences, but I really think insults are best kept to yourself. Taylor always seems like a scorned woman. A relationship takes two people to break up, but she always places the blame on the other party.

She unsuccessfully tried to take a swipe at former flame Calvin Harris recently. This is the girl who a few weeks after ending her long-term relationship with the DJ was in a full-blown romance with Tom Hiddleston – classy!

Taylor and Tom Hiddleston

It came from Taylor’s camp that she wrote the lyrics on Calvin’s song This Is What You Came For. She used the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg on the track, but after they broke up she seemed to no longer want to keep the secret and outed it.

Calvin came out on top with this one, stating on Twitter: “She sings on a little bit of it too... Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual. I wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals, though. And initially she wanted it kept secret, hence the pseudonym.”

I never understand the public bashing of people when they end a relationship. It makes no sense.

I am only going on what I read with the whole Swift situation, but she does seem quite a snake.

I find the intensity of her romance with Hiddleston a little strange too. They only met a few weeks ago and they’ve been away with the parents already.

Tom also sported a T-shirt with the slogan I Love T.S. – maybe I’m just not as romantic as Tom, but that took cringe to another level.

If a guy I was seeing was wearing a T-shirt saying I love V.W., I’d be quick to tell everyone he was mad for a Volkswagen!

Either that or I’d run in the other direction until he had changed his togs.

Bare-faced cheek to sue strip club 

Man walks into a strip club. Drunk. Man spends a fortune on dances and tipping the girls. All sounds pretty standard to me. 

Not in this case. Gil David, from Portstewart in Northern Ireland, claimed he was taken advantage of as he had drunk more than 30 drinks. 

He drank 30 drinks of his own free will? How he was still standing after all that hooch is mind-blowing to me, but he managed to get his hand to his credit card to spend a staggering £7,500 on Spearmint Rhino strippers. 

He first realised what he had done when he found the receipts the next morning. He had spent one third of his salary! The fear must have been horrendous.

But Gil decided that instead of chalking it down to experience, he would sue the strip club for taking advantage of him while he was under the influence.

“I wasn’t in control of my faculties and didn’t realise what I was spending,” he said. 

The case was settled out of court between the parties this week when a judge said there was going to be no clear winner.

Gil received a confidential sum, while the club admitted no wrongdoing. 

I just find this entire story ridiculous. If a grown man downs 30 drinks and goes to a strip club, the consequences of what might happen would be clear enough to me.

I don’t agree with people deciding someone else should pay for their actions when they have gone out to get drunk. Might be an idea to hold back on the 30 drinks in future.

Sun really splitting the stone 

I was at the launch of a new restaurant called The Stone Leaf in Dublin last week.

The food is lovely and it has the most amazing outdoor area. It was so warm that day and I think it was the first time I have seen people trying to avoid the sun in the city.

I love seeing new businesses open – it’s a sign that things are starting to improve.

I wore a top from my mom’s wardrobe – in fairness, it will never see her wardrobe again, possession being nine-tenths of the law...

My trousers are from Cos and my shoes are from River Island. I also had a really cool jewel piece that went down both my arms from Grace