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Plight of pups sold for food is truly horrifying

Plight of pups sold for food is truly horrifying

I went to the screening of a new movie called 'Eating Happiness', about the dog meat trade in Asia.

We have all heard the horror stories of the Yulin festival in China; it’s a festival of eating dog meat.

It is truly horrifying what goes on and the images you will find on Google don’t even come close to the real cruelty.

I am a huge dog person and Winston, my dog, is like my child. Dogs are human companions and our best friends, becoming family members to anyone who owns one.

Dogs understand us, they have their own emotions and can feel ours. It’s shocking to see how they are treated in certain parts of Asia.

Although China has a bad reputation for dog meat trade, South Korea is definitely the worst, closely followed by Vietnam.

In Vietnam they import all of the dogs from other countries, the dogs are transported in metal cages and squashed in together with no food or water in soaring heat.

Many of the dogs at the bottom of the cages get crushed and die en route but it’s a lucky escape for them, as the other dogs face much worse deaths.

The most shocking figure in the film was that 70 per cent of the dogs used as food are stolen pets. Some people have had up to five dogs stolen from them.

These are household dogs taken from their homes and killed in the most brutal ways to be eaten by humans.

Many people believe that eating dog meat makes you strong and the more adrenalin running through a dog before it dies, the better tasting the meat.

The dogs are killed in the most disgusting ways, some being skinned alive, boiled alive and beaten to death as the pain that is inflicted causes a rush of adrenalin in the terrified animals.

Of course, these are beliefs with no scientific evidence to back them up.

South Korea hosted the 1988 winter Olympics and all of the dog meat restaurants were banished to the outskirts of the city so the tourists wouldn’t know what went on.

They have recently been awarded the bid of the 2018 winter Olympics and I think it’s disgusting that the Olympic committee would choose such an immoral country to host these games.

I know this article is probably a hard read, but I think a light needs to be shone on what is happening in the world so we can stop this cruelty.

A petition is being started in the UK so that all of this can be brought to an end and I’d encourage anyone to go online and support it.

I’m such a big fan of Rylan

I was on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side on Thursday evening. It’s always so much fun at the studio that I can’t really call it work.

Rylan is a great presenter - loved by all.

He makes the audience feel like they’re all his best friends.

I was on with Christopher Maloney. I liked him on the show, but I wasn’t shocked when he got the boot.

My lovely dress was from Cari’s Closet.

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You’ll get looks and laughs off Irish hotties

So apparently Irish men are the ugliest in the world – that’s according to U.S. website

Well, I have only ever had Irish boyfriends and they were all pretty hot.

I think the men in our country are not only great to hang out with, but they’re easy on the eye too.

I suppose if you’re into men being preened and plucked within an inch of their lives, then, yes, maybe Irish men aren’t for you. Personally, I don’t want any boy spending longer getting ready than me.

So all you Irish boys out there don’t worry, all of us Irish girls think you’re hot!