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Parents are the key to helping our obese kids

Parents are the key to helping our obese kids

I WAS shocked to read this week that Irish children as young as seven are having to wear ‘adult’ sized school uniforms because they are overweight.

Weight is a struggle for many people and I can understand why it’s difficult to lose once you get to the point of being obese. 

The older you get the more difficult it is too and I honestly don’t think a lot of people understand how to lose weight. 

Fad diets never, ever work. If you lose weight very quickly you are guaranteed to put it back on even faster. 

I lost a stone in weight when I did ‘Mission Survive’. Before losing that stone on the show, my weight had not changed in five years, but with the lack of food and constant movement it fell off me.

The only problem with it was that I put it all back on after three weeks; the only long-term way to lose weight is to eat healthily and train frequently.

I actually felt quite sad when I read that headline because children as young as seven don’t feed themselves, they rely on their parents meaning the blame lies solely with them.  

They are the gatekeepers to the food supplies. I know it can be incredibly difficult to restrict what a child eats but it’s so important to ensure that they eat well and stay healthy. 

My friend has two children and they eat porridge for breakfast with a little milk and are quite happy. Another mother she knows has an overweight child but her child will only eat porridge if Nutella is mixed through.  

The girls and myself discussed this and it’s quite obvious why the other child is overweight.

I’m not just talking about breakfast, there is obviously something wrong with her entire diet. I can remember when I was around sixteen I put on weight, my mum noticed and she would just remind me to stop eating as much rubbish as I did.

I think the rising child obesity rate is because of the lack of education on healthy eating, I only learned how to fuel my body properly in the last five years and before that I just wasn’t eating the right food.  

It’s a really worrying subject because if someone is overweight as a child, they are more likely to be overweight as an adult.

I do think that in Ireland we are getting much healthier but there definitely needs to be more education for people out there struggling with their weight.

Pre-nup? I like my own cash

I WAS sad to hear the news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner breaking up, it’s always sad to hear that. It was in the paper that they have no pre-nup and 130 million dollars to divide. 

I think a pre-nup is a good idea for people earning money like that, it just means if they break up it will make things easier.

I would assume she will get half and after ten years of marriage and children she deserves it, I’m sure she earned a good chunk of it anyway.

Brian and I don’t have a pre-nup it just wasn’t something we wanted, saying that we don’t share money either. 

It’s not like we are adamant of splitting everything 50/50 I just like having my own money as he does his.

Let's love ourselves like Conor

I HAVE to admit the hype surrounding the Conor McGregor v Jose  Aldo fight got to me. I would have loved to be going. But now that Aldo has pulled out to be replaced by another contender I’m glad I didn’t book a trip over.

I wouldn’t be getting what I paid for and I don’t think the legion of Irish fans heading over will be either. 

I think the UFC may have had a hand in his decision because when the fight does happen it’s another guaranteed sell out.

It does make me question whether or not the UFC decide on much more (including the eventual winner?).

Still, I do think Conor McGregor is amazing. Doesn’t everyone?

Most especially himself.  

Now if only we could all love ourselves as much as Conor I think the world would be a much happier place.