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Dolores has her problems, but in my book there’s no excuse for some of her behaviour

Dolores has her problems, but in my book there’s no excuse for some of her behaviour

So it seems Dolores O’Riordan has pleaded guilty to headbutting and spitting at gardaí after an air-rage incident.

I mean we all get a bit annoyed when sitting on a Ryanair flight where the seats don’t go back and the acid yellow colouring starts to make you feel slightly nauseous. But I mean she was in first class, what’s so annoying about that?

I think I would actually like to go on a holiday where I just sit in first class for a few weeks and never get off the plane.

Everyone’s initial reaction was that this was some spoiled diva behaviour. As Dolores was shouting things like “I’m the Queen of Limerick” and “I pay your wages” at gardaí, you couldn’t blame people for thinking that.

However, the Cranberries star has since been diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder. I am not an expert on what bipolar means, but I do know it causes extreme highs and extreme lows and is clearly what caused her to get so aggressive.

That said, I don’t think headbutting and spitting at Gardaí is ever acceptable – or at anyone else for that matter.

I think to have that type of aggression and attitude towards another human it has to be in you to begin with.

What I mean by that is, let’s say I was very drunk and got aggressive for some reason, it would never result in me hitting another person because it’s not in me to do that. It would never come out in me, regardless of the circumstances.

I do think that her mental health needs to be taken into account, but she still should be punished for the incident. I’m quite sure the Garda involved would agree as it’s not exactly nice to be headbutted and spat at.

I think spitting at someone really is the lowest of the low, obviously any kind of aggression is, but spitting at someone really shows that you think they’re nothing.

Dolores has also retracted a previous statement in which she claimed the Garda sexually assaulted her, which is another dangerous and horrible allegation to make in a bid to cover up your own behaviour.

I’ve never met Dolores O’Riordan, but I think she’s a fantastic singer.

Hopefully she can make amends with everyone involved and move on from the incident, but I bags not flying with her, planes scare me enough as it is!