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Naive models should not be asked to flash flesh on the street

Naive models should not be asked to flash flesh on the street

I won’t be losing my top on street anytime soon - models were naive and taken advantage of.

Well I never thought I would see the day that Playboy started covering up their models!

I do think the Playboy girls are beautiful – but I never really got the whole naked thing.

Now I understand it must be some sort of a turn-on for men, but surely in this day and age, where sex is so accessible on the internet, a little nudie picture just won’t hit the mark.

I think it’s a good step forward, sure everyone only got Playboy for the articles, right?

In all seriousness, the world is moving forward at a rapid pace  and if Playboy don’t change tactics they won’t last much longer.

However, we know that women flashing the flesh can still cause a stir here.

I saw the pictures online last week from the Miss Bikini Ireland photoshoot where a number of the contestants got their tops off to raise awareness of breast cancer.

I thought the picture with the cyclist falling over in the background at what was unfolding on the street was hilarious.

It was like when that guy fell on the ice on the RTE news – too funny!

On a serious note, I did feel quite sorry for the girls involved, because although it was meant to raise awareness for breast cancer, I think it was done in a really distasteful way and I felt that the girls were taken advantage of.

When you start out in modelling you’re young and naive and I think that’s what happened with these girls.

I don’t think they thought through taking their tops off and I doubt they knew there would be a backlash like there was.

I just think it was a bit much and surely it’s illegal to be taking your top off in the middle of Harcourt Street anyway?

I imagine if you did it yourself you’d be arrested. I don’t think I’ll be road testing that as a theory though!

We must act to help travellers

It was absolutely devastating to read about the fire at the Carrickmines halting site.

Ten people and one unborn child lost their lives in the tragedy.

At a time when the families should be grieving, they are now having to worry about where they can be relocated. The residents at Rockville Drive have blocked off the road so the halting site cannot be relocated there.

There’s been a lot of media attention  and although it’s an awful situation, it’s something that crops up for both the settled and the travelling communities from time to time.

Everyone wants them to be relocated, but unfortunately nobody wants that relocation to be in their area.

I just hope that something can be sorted for the families soon.