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My name’s Vogue and I’m a binge drinker

My name’s Vogue and I’m a binge drinker

Ireland is unfortunately known for its excessive drink culture.

We have always been a nation of drinkers, but it seems that in recent times the younger generation have decided to take binge drinking to a new level. 

I can’t write this and say that I’m a saint and rarely indulge, because like so many other people my age I am a binge drinker. 

What actually makes that worse is the fact that I don’t particularly love the taste of alcohol, so when I go out drinking with friends it’s not for the enjoyment of a drink – it’s to get drunk.  

The one thing I never got involved in is the craze of Neknomination – granted this is mainly among people in their teens and early-20s, but I still struggle to see the point of it. A young man, Ross Cummins from Irishtown, Dublin was only 22 when he died after his neknomination went wrong. 

He downed a full pint of whiskey, which massively contributed to the cause of his death. I don’t think many teens know the risks of drinking such excessive amounts and at that age I wouldn’t have thought drinking too much could kill you either. 

There was another young life lost in Co. Clare last week. Stephen Mungoven was only 20 when he died. Navy divers found Stephen, who had fallen into the sea after an excessive night of drinking. His father urged mourners at his funeral to make a change in our drink culture and instead of drowning their sorrows, stop drinking so much. 

So many lives are lost in Ireland every year and it’s from the way we drink. In Spain they have a totally different culture around drinking. Although they would drink almost daily over there it would be one or two drinks a night and they would never binge drink. 

Even writing this I feel hypocritical, but just like all my friends I will more than likely have over-indulged by the time you are reading this. I am, however, trying to change the way I drink. 

I think we should all look at the relationship we have with alcohol and try and make the necessary changes to ensure our safety. Everything is impaired when you drink; your ability to talk, stand and get yourself home safely. 

We too often hear of stories of women being raped or people falling over and banging their heads or drowning and if they hadn’t been drinking at the time these tragedies could have been prevented. 

I thought I would write this with Christmas coming up because it’s a time when we all drink far too much and although it’s great to go out and have fun, just be mindful of having that one too many.

I'd hate to cross Sharon after Web Summit grilling 

I HAVE been in London all week so didn’t get to attend the Web Summit, but had I been home I would have jumped at the chance to go. I think it’s a great event and it’s really disappointing that it’s moving to Lisbon.

Some of the reasons are be­cause of the traffic and the cost of hotel and travel issues for the people visiting. I watched the very painful interview Sharon Ní Bheoláin did with Daire Hickey, it was literally like she was attack­ing him! I wouldn’t want to get into an argument with Shazzer – she would win hands down!

Main event is a blast 

WELL, Balmain fever definitely took over Lon­don and Dublin this week.

H&M always get the best guest designers to col­laborate with them and Balmain lived up to its hype.

The clothes were so well made and luckily I got everything I had my eye on! I loved the dresses, but because I’m so tall they were a little too short on me. I got two blazers, a belt and amazing shoes.

I went for the opening night last Wednesday and there were queues all around the corner to get in. I had to go by H&M on the Thursday and the lines were still crazy. I went with my friend James and we hit up Five Guys burger place before and, oh my god it’s so good!

I wore a Bec and Bridge dress on the night with my Warehouse leather jacket and River Island heels.

I also went to another party this week with my friend James and I bumped into Ashley James, who I haven’t seen in ages. I wore another Bec and Bridge dress from Spotted on Celeb with my Balmain blazer and shoes. I also bumped into Jodie Kidd who I love and it called for a selfie...