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My generation deserves a say on the 8th

My generation deserves a say on the 8th

When will my generation get to vote on what happens to our bodies.

I was never one to massively dislike Enda Kenny; as far as politicians go he wasn’t doing the worst job, but he wasn’t doing a fantastic one either.

Nothing new there. He certainly gave us all the best spin when he was running for his seat, claiming he would fix everything from the health service to unemployment levels. But here he is backtracking already.

It seems he doesn’t even remember what happened in the last Dáil now that he’s got himself a brand new one.

When speaking recently about the 8th Amendment, Enda tried to say that it had been voted on three times and the people of Ireland had decided against legalising abortion.

In truth, it’s been voted on only once and the generation who voted for it are now frankly past childbearing age. When do my generation get a say? We’re the ones having the babies.

The 8th Amendment came into being in 1983, was approved by referendum on September 7, 1983, and signed into law on  October 7 of the same year.

That’s three years before I was born. Enda Kenny has been in the Dáil since 1975 so surely he can remember the details of that hard-fought referendum. But evidently not. This is a man who is supposed to be directing our legislative response and he can’t seem to remember how the last referendum played out.

We are a country with citizens who are more than capable of making up our minds on a topic, whether it be abortion laws or gay marriage. It seems to be a constant struggle to get things that are so important to a vote.

I am pro choice, which doesn’t mean I am for or against abortion, it means that I think any woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body, myself included.

Our country is still suffering the political influence of the Catholic Church, a totally misogynistic dinosaur. It’s ironic, since many people in Ireland don’t practise any religion these days.

Women in Ireland  have to leave their own country to get abortions in the UK and it’s morally wrong – a fact recognised by the UN this week when it described as “cruel, inhuman and degrading” the treatment of Amanda Mellet, who was forced to go to Britain to have an abortion despite facing the heartbreak of a fatal foetal abnormality.

It’s time our country looked after its citizens.

EU know Brexit is a bad idea

I mostly live in England, where I am inundated with stories about Brexit. For me, Britain will be stronger if it stays in the EU.

It’s hard to predict the outcome, but polls suggest it will be close.

Immigration is one of the main reasons people want to leave, as they feel the country is seeing an unmanageable influx.

The war in Syria is causing these immigrants to leave their country because they aren’t safe in their own homes. If I was being bombed in my bed on a daily basis, I’d want out too.

n If you’re from the UK and living in Ireland, remember the success of the marriage equality campaign’s ‘Home To Vote’ and get on that plane wearing a big fat REMAIN badge.

My shoot is a winner

I was shooting two new campaigns this week in Sheffield. I still love modelling, it’s a nice part of my job and it keeps everything different.

My attention span is quite short so I would never have been good at an office job.

I was shooting the campaigns for an outdoor and sports brand, Regatta, which is great because it involved everything that I love.

The team were great and I really enjoyed working with them all, I cant wait for you to see the pictures.