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My blood boils at women getting the s*** end of the stick

Deserved more: Catherine McGourty
Deserved more: Catherine McGourty

Catherine McGourty won a medal for the Poc Fada last week.

There’s a female and a male side to the competition. The men use a size five ball and the women a size four, but on the day there were no size four balls so the men and the women used the same size. 
Catherine won the female competition only to find out she was coming away with just a medal, while the male winner was being sent off on a ski trip.  It’s absolutely shocking that Ulster Camoige bosses think that this is acceptable.  
The men’s prize was organised through a sponsor, but why have a competition where the prizes aren’t the same? 
Surely the Ulster GAA and Ulster Camogie could have got a sponsor to support both and split the prize. It actually boils my blood to think something like that still goes on. It’s just not fair! I despise the thought of men being treated any differently to women – why should they be? 
Obviously men and women aren’t the same and we don’t want them to be, we just want to be treated equally and fairly. I want to be afforded the same treatment as the man receives.
If I won that competition then why am I not entitled to a ski trip? It’s highly embarrassing for Ulster GAA and Ulster Camogie and whoever is behind the organisation of this competition needs to wake up.
I definitely call myself a feminist and when I hear a story like this I can’t help but feel angry. Gone are the days when women are expected to be bound to their home.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I think women who choose to be housewives  are taking on a massive role and one that I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be able to do, I just feel that women have choices because we are equal to our male counterparts.  
Now hopefully the Ulster GAA and Ulster Camogie can come up with a ski trip for Catherine because it’s what she deserves.  
Scarlet for your backwards views…