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My auntie supports Trump – I need to divorce her

My auntie supports Trump – I need to divorce her

It may not be bye bye to Trump just yet, but recent polls in America show that Hillary Clinton is racing ahead in the US presidential race.

I have been following Trump, somewhat in fear, but mainly to see what he’ll come out with next.

His most recent gaffe was what he said about the Scottish over the Brexit vote, when he tweeted “Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!”

He failed to realise that Scotland voted to remain within the EU, but facts have never been The Donald’s forte.

Although I do like to have a little laugh over what Trump will say next, I do live in fear of him becoming president one day, so the news of Clinton steaming ahead is very welcome.

The polls have shown that if Hillary and Trump were to go head-to-head today, she would have a 51 per cent vote against a 39 per cent vote for Trump – still an alarming number of voters willing to back Donald!

I have to admit, one of my aunts is a Trump fan. I’m in the process of seeing if I can divorce her, but for now she is still a family member.

I just can’t understand how anyone can’t see him for what he really is: mildly intelligent, highly racist and a moron!

The world is already a dangerous enough place.

On Tuesday evening, 41 people were killed and 239 wounded in a bombing attack at Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, when three men entered the airport armed with Kalashnikov rifles and wearing suicide vests.

Attacks like this are becoming more and more frequent in our war against terror. Its impossible to understand the mentality of a terrorist. These people are fuelled by evil, it breaks my heart every time I read about an attack like this and it makes me fearful of the world we are living in.

I feel like its only a matter of time before they attack a lot closer to home, and London seems to be on high alert.

These terrorists prey on the innocent and the higher the death toll the better for them.

I have had to stop reading the news online in the evenings because it is filled with death and hate.

I have seen a big response to the tragedy online with a huge outpouring of love from all over the world, which shows me that it’s not all a bad place. Sadly, nowhere is safe from this and I don’t see an end to terrorism in my lifetime.

My hard work pays off on TV

I was nominated for an award for the U magazine 30 under 30 awards on Wednesday night in Dublin.

The award was for the best in television and I was so proud when they announced I had won.

I put a lot of work into all of my TV shows and most of them originate from ideas I’ve had.

I went with one of my good friends Matthew Feeney. He is hilarious, so I always have fun when we go out. I wore a gorgeous dress from Spotted on Celeb, I really love this dress – Forever and Lemons do the cutest pieces.

Right decisions on gay donors

I was happy to read this week that Ireland has decided to lift its lifetime ban on gay men donating blood.

This ban was put in place in the 1980s when the risk of AIDS was very high, particularly among gay men.

The new policy will begin in November and health minister Simon Harris revealed the decision after it was recommended by the board of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

There are rules in place for anyone donating, whether you are gay or straight and, of course, this is essential to make sure the blood being received isn’t infected with anything.

All gay men will be allowed to donate blood a year after being sexually active or five years after they have been cleared of a sexually transmitted disease.

This is definitely a welcome decision in my eyes. I think we need as many blood donations as possible – who knows when we will be in need of some.