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Money and fame let celebrities like Cosby act like untouchables

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

It was a sobering story and sight to end the year.

Known as a beloved entertainer for most of his life, Bill Cosby this week was forced to face the accusations of women who claim he is a sexual predator.

He was arraigned in Pennsylvania on charges relating to a sexual assault against a woman in his home in 2004, who says that she was drugged and attacked.

The women who are pointing the finger at him say he has tried his very best to cover up his crimes with money and bribery, threatening his victims with lawsuits in a bid to silence them.

Cosby is protesting his innocence. His bail was set at a staggering $1million.

And after his day in court, he just paid up and went back to his mansion with a huge smile on his face.

It made me think how little it all seems to affect him and how far out of touch with reality these superstars have grown.

After many years of church sex scandals, it is now celebrities who are being exposed and accused almost every week.

However, the common link is that they were groups who felt themselves untouchable.

Stars like Cosby seem to feel power, celebrity and money can protect them right up to the steps of the court.

It seems the world was a very different place years ago and people in a position of power like Cosby felt like they could do what they liked. They had flunkies to cater for their every desire.

A lot has come to light over the last few years with Operation Yewtree in the U.K., where it’s quite shocking to see the level of abuse that has been covered up for years.

It was the people surrounding abusers like Jimmy Savile who helped cover up all of the disgusting things they did and it’s why they continued doing so for so long, ruining countless people’s lives.

I think the least compensation a victim can get is to see their attacker put away for a very long time for what they did.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Savile was never prosecuted and died before any of his crimes were brought to light.

We will have to wait and see if the smile is wiped off Cosby’s face this year.

If it is, it will be when he is spending his first night in jail.

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North was spotted wearing a $3,500 fur coat out in L.A. recently.

I mean, who would ever dress a child in a $3,500 coat that will probably fit her for about two months.

I don’t really see the need to dress a child in fur either, and in L.A. of all places.

I think people have started dressing their children like mini adults and it doesn’t look right.

I spent my childhood dressed the same as my sister in clothes only suitable for a child. I know when I have a baby I will be dressing them for their age and you definitely won’t be seeing any of my children wandering around in fur coats!