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It’s hard to make sense of America’s crazy laws

It’s hard to make sense of America’s crazy laws

As I was walking along South Beach in Miami this week I spotted lots of people taking pictures outside a house.

It turned out to be the one-time home of Gianni Versace. It was where he was tragically gunned down in a random attack in 1997.

I stood on the steps and had my photo taken for my blog. Then I felt quite bad that I was standing where he was murdered so I didn’t post it online.

After I thought about it, I realised it’s just the way people remember a man who was an icon to millions, especially to women.

Versace was murdered by a 27-year-old man who went on a killing spree in Miami before shooting himself in the head.

It got me thinking about the gun laws in America and how crazy it is that anyone is allowed to own a gun – you can even buy them in Walmart.

Gun crime in the U.K. and Ireland is relatively low and that is simply down to the fact that not everyone can legally own a gun.

We’ve all heard about the horror stories of teenagers shooting up schools, so I can’t understand why the law isn’t revised in America. 

Today I will be spending time in a U.S. gun club as part of my new show.

I will be with a group of women who are members of the club. I’m sure it will be an interesting experience to shoot a gun, but I would never want one in my house.

The people who are pro guns over here feel it’s one of their human rights to bear arms to protect themselves. But if nobody had guns, you wouldn’t have to protect yourself from other people with guns would you?

I’m with Piers Morgan on this one. He really rattled the U.S. gun lobby with his opposition to American gun culture while he was hosting his TV show on CNN.

Piers certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to discussing issues. He labelled the gun culture disgusting and I completely agree with him.

But I do wonder how many more lives have to be lost before the National Rifle Association (NRA) realises that guns are, in fact, the problem.

The NRA works on the logic that if a mass shooting occurs in America, it is preventable if everyone is carrying a firearm to stop the shooter.

But surely people with half a brain can work out that if nobody has a gun, no lives are lost. It makes me feel uneasy knowing that as I walk around Miami anyone could be holding a gun.

I’m not so sure the ladies from the gun club will share my views. 

It will be interesting to see their reaction when I put my opinion on this issue forward.