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I'm lucky nothing happened on my leaving cert binge

I'm lucky nothing happened on my leaving cert binge

An alcohol charity has said that Dublin venues offering €2 drink promotions for the Leaving Cert results night are irresponsible.

I thought that Ireland had called an end to any drink promotions and I don’t really think we need it – we already get quite drunk without them!

When I was in University in Aberdeen, drinks promotions were the norm as it was a student town. I was getting a vodka and diet coke for £1 in some venues.

The vodka tasted like petrol, but when you’re a student that doesn’t really matter. This led to students getting too drunk and that puts them in danger.

One of the Universities did an experiment over one weekend to see how dangerous the amount of alcohol people were drinking was and the risk they faced of getting spiked.

They went around the nightclubs and placed small rubber ducks in people’s drinks to see if they would notice. I had one friend go home with four, which means over the course of the night she could have easily been spiked at least four times.

I think any drink promotion is irresponsible as it inevitably leads to people getting alcohol poisoning, which in turn leads to more hospital visits costing the State a fortune.

I’m not in a position to be lecturing anyone and our Leaving Cert results night was no different.

We got the results in the morning and headed straight to my house after for pre-drinks. My parents were away so we could drink to our hearts’ content without anyone knowing.

We did just that and had a lot of drinks before we even went to the pub – a lot of us were probably in no state to be in a pub by the time we got there.

We didn’t have much money so this was our way of drinking on the cheap. There was no drink promotions on our Leaving Cert night, but it was most definitely not needed.

It’s hard to know your limits with alcohol at the tender age of 18. I still sometimes struggle with it, but when I was 18 it was a very different story to the way I drink now.

I drank too much on my Leaving Cert night and I was lucky that nothing happened to me or I didn’t end up in hospital – it was just a very sore head the next day.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me, particularly the students, but I think venues need to stop offering these types of promotions.

I just don’t think they’re needed, all students have a lot to drink before they leave their house and these promotions offer a way to drink too much cheap booze.

Everyone wants to celebrate the end of their results and they have every right to after years of hard work, but it’s important that this is done in the safest way possible while still being able to have fun.

I’ll take a spin in race for Grylls

I have been working with Bear Grylls on his survival races this year.

He has races all over the U.K. and I will be hosting and DJing at all of them.

I was in Cambridge yesterday for the first of the survival races and it was a great day. The races involve a lot of survival challenges, including conquering the jungle, mountain, Arctic and desert survival zones over a five or 10km course – and maybe a few bugs en route!

I was happy to be on the easy side for this one. The race is tough, but it’s a lot of fun, so I’m definitely going to try one – I have my eye on the Edinburgh race!

It was a great day out for families and there’s so much to do there. Everyone who’s involved in the race also does fundraising for charity, which is a part I loved about it.

Sexy celebs spice up BB

I was on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side on Friday night for the live eviction. I am a huge Big Brother fan and this celebrity series has been insane, plus I got to hang out with ‘Essex Girl ‘Ferne McCann.

There have been a lot of sexual antics in the house this year, but with a lot of the reality stars that’s to be expected.

Marnie from Geordie Shore has had sex on TV countless times so it means nothing to her to be carrying on the away she does on Big Brother.

I could never do that, to myself or my family, but I guess its different strokes for different folks!

I love going on the panel because we get to discuss all the gossip from the show!

I wore a dress from Thurley which I loved and had my hair and make-up done by Secret Spa.