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I hope my new show can help push for rights

I hope my new show can help push for rights

I thought I had body issues until I met transgender guy facing mastectomy

I spent four days filming for my new RTE 2 documentary series this week – and it’s been such an eye-opener

I’m really hoping the series is going to be informative, crammed with personalities who you bump into in your everyday life, but who will make you think and who I hope you’ll fall in love with.

The best part of filming my shows is the people I get to meet – I learn so much from them and such a lot about myself from spending time with them.

Last Saturday it was all about scoping out some of Ireland’s most impressive bodies at The Hub in Kilkenny, which hosted The Irish Bodybuilding Federation’s ‘Spring Classic’. 

There are no cash prizes, simply trophies to celebrate the trojan efforts. It was really inspiring.

The extremes to which they push their bodies blew my mind, but here I am, all poised to fully enter that world and take part in a major Bikini Fitness Competition in the U.K. in just a few weeks’ time. Am I mad?

I was soon confronting a very different body issue when I met a 25-year-old music-loving transgenger guy who’s going through hormone treatment to suppress his female characteristics, before moving forward for double mastectomy and hysterectomy surgery. 

The Transgender Warriors episode will explore the important issue of transgender rights. It pains me that there’s still a lack of understanding about what trans people go through. Even writing this I’m so afraid that I may say something wrong or offensive because I’m still learning so much about the experience.

It was so much fun to hang out with my new friend and he was so open and honest about his own struggles.

I might be looking at those body fitness people in Kilkenny and worrying about some stupid flaw in my own body – but transgender people are born into the wrong body.

I mean, what right have I to bang on about cellulite?

Helen Wood is a horrible human being

It’s in the papers that a married male actor and father has an injunction against former prostitute Helen Wood.

Wood slept with the actor and to stop her selling the story he took out an injunction against her.

The injunction only stands in England and Wales, so papers in America and Australia can publish the steamy story.

I don’t agree with the actions of the actor, but I also think Helen Wood is a disgusting human being.

She sells stories for her own gain – yes, he shouldn’t have slept with her while married, but that is for him and his wife to deal with.

I don’t think there is any need to drag it through the media and to embarrass an entire family like that for money, it makes her vile.

She sold stories on Wayne Rooney in the past and it just seems that she will do anything for money.

I watched her on Big Brother where she came across as nasty and a bully.

My day on the street with addicts


One of my new TV documentaries is about the changing face of drug use in Ireland so I spent time with some street addicts over the bank holiday weekend.

There has obviously been a lot of hype around this episode, with the talk of me taking LSD under medically-controlled circumstances.

As I said when that story came out, we were in pre-production at that stage and there were scores of ideas floating around that may never happen.

Addiction is a very serious topic and I want the documentary to reflect that.

Drugs are scary, they mess with your mind in a way that makes me worry that if I dabbled I might never return to being ‘me’ again. But drug use isn’t going away. So what do we do next?

I hit the streets with the Simon Community for a night and I certainly didn’t meet your stereotypical heroin addict, because I’ve realised that the stereotype is bullsh**.

In the heart of Dublin 1 I played chess with two heroin addicts, one of them showed me the massive open hole in his groin through which he injects.

I met a gorgeous girl from the south east whose life was full of promise before a boyfriend seduced her into “just one hit of heroin”.

She didn’t know there’s no such thing as ‘just one hit’.

The most shocking discovery was how the heroin addicts view the headshop drugs. They absolutely hate them. And these are the drugs that middle-class students are ordering over the internet.