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I don't understand how sleep rapist's new girl feels safe

I don't understand how sleep rapist's new girl feels safe

I was absolutely shocked to read the story in the papers this week about Niamh Ní Dhomhnaill, who was raped in her sleep by her boyfriend.

The incident itself is shocking enough, but to add to that, Magnus Meyer Hustveit got away with a seven-year suspended sentence. 

It’s quite obvious why women rarely come forward when they have been raped because justice seems so hard to come across.

Niamh waived her right to anonymity in the hopes of raising awareness and it’s so brave of her to do so.

She was raped for up to a year by the boyfriend she was living with while she was sleeping. Even writing that sentence makes me feel sick to my stomach. 

What kind of person is he to want to rape his own girlfriend in her sleep? She placed all of her trust in him and he abused it in such a sickening way. 

The Irish judicial system is looking like a complete joke right now that they let that man walk free – all he got was a measly suspended sentence. 

He even admitted to the rapes in an email, and despite his admission of guilt he got away with no jail time. 

In fact, admitting guilt helps lessen sentences in our courts.  

My heart goes out to Niamh. After so bravely coming forward she has got no justice at all. I did read that she has decided to appeal the decision and I really think she should. 

Hopefully, after it becoming such a high-profile case, she will get the justice she deserves. 

I heard rapist Magnus was in court with his new girlfriend, but how on earth can anyone be with him after knowing he did that? 

You could never possibly feel safe around him. 

I just find the entire story really quite frightening and I really hope Niamh gets the justice she deserves.