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Getting punched for being gay is shocking...we have to stop this

Getting punched for being gay is shocking...we have to stop this

I was shocked to hear that yet another gay friend of mine had been assaulted on Dublin’s Camden Street on Sunday morning at 2am.

I woke up to a very brave message she had left on her Facebook page with a picture of her bruised eye – she was punched four times by a man.

Vicky was walking home with her friends when the man told them to pull their pants down and made other misogynistic comments. 

He then went on about the recent referendum, stating it wasn’t what he voted for, so the girls just asked him to leave them alone. After more abuse from him, he asked Vicky to shake his hand and then punched her four times. 

To have someone attack you like that for no reason is horrific and terrifying. I’m so tired of hearing these stories with nothing being done about it.

Being punched for being gay? What sort of backward maniac is this man, who walked away from the incident ready to go again next weekend?

I spoke to a few of my other gay friends and sadly most of them have been through similar incidents themselves, again with nobody being prosecuted. 

The way my friends spoke about it unnerved me; it happens so often that the stories just rolled off their tongues and they knew there was nothing they could do about it. 

Unfortunately they are right, just like Vicki, nothing was done about it. I read some comments about the incident online and the amount of victim blaming that was going on was outrageous. 

Somehow people thought she must have done something to provoke it. There are no words you can say that justify someone assaulting you.

It’s not just the gay bashing with this either, it’s the way in which people feel they have the right to treat others. How people think it’s okay to attack anyone, let alone a complete stranger, is beyond me.