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Focusing on pins really needles in sexist garbage

Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May
Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May

Oh no, just no…. I couldn’t quite believe the front page headline in the Daily Mail on Tuesday. It was honestly the most sexist garbage I have ever seen.

It was offensive to both the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May and the head of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon.

The two women had met to discuss Brexit and the future of Scotland and the United Kingdom.

These are serious subjects with two of the most powerful women in Britain, but instead of focusing on the task at hand, the headline read: ‘Never mind Brexit, who won legs-it.’ The two women were pictured and the headline zoned in on their legs.

One thing is for sure, you would never see a male politician discussed in the way these women were.

Two highly intelligent, hard-working, powerful women reduced to how their bodies look and what they were wearing.

I was infuriated when I read this and inside the paper was an entire section discussing what outfits each woman had worn and who had won in the style stakes.

Another glorious headline in the paper stated: ‘Finest weapons at their command? Those Pins!’ Sarah Vine, this is journalism at its worst.

I can, of course, take into account that you were probably urged to write this nonsensical drivel, but it’s taking us women back a fair few steps.

Instead of concentrating on “May’s fingers, elegant with their classic red nails”, could we not pay more attention to what was actually being discussed during the meeting?

Women are always reduced to this and I see it all the time, particularly within the industry I work in.

I have to say that I was quite surprised to read Theresa May’s reaction to the headline, as she dismissed it as “a bit of fun”.

She said: “I think that most people concentrate on what we do as politicians. But if people want to have a bit of fun about how we dress, then so be it.”

“As a woman in politics throughout my whole career I have found that very often, what I wear – particularly my shoes – has been an issue that has been looked at rather closely by people.”

I don’t understand how she wasn’t offended by being reduced to something so ridiculous.

This sort of nonsense is a pet peeve of mine and I know for a fact this wouldn’t have been a headline for a male politician.

I am definitely a feminist and this goes against what I want for women – equality.

It was a full on week but that’s all Wright by me!


ON MONDAY morning it was straight back to work, I was a guest panellist on the Wright Stuff on Channel 5.

I was talking about my new show and all things current affairs, which I love, so I really enjoyed the show.

I was wearing my new top from Needle and Thread along with my Superga kicks from Very Exclusive.

I flew back to Dublin on Tuesday as I had meetings with my book publishers and also about my new series, so it was a full-on couple of days at home.

I always manage to fit time into my schedule to see my beautiful niece Jeanie and the rest of my family. We went out for a lovely meal on Tuesday evening and had a catch-up.

On Wednesday I had meetings and then I was on Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge. It’s a great show and a chance to discuss all the things that have been annoying us in the news.

On Thursday I flew hone at I was attending a dinner at the Irish Ambassador’s house in London – very fancy altogether!

Some people far too quick to dole out criticism


WAS on Brendan O’Con­nor’s Cutting Edge show on Wednesday evening and quite a few people were discussing what I said about the dole.

It’s nice to have my Sunday World column to clear things up, because it drives me mad when people take words out of my mouth and twist them to mean something completely different!

We were discussing benefits and although some of the panel thought they are not needed, I think that they are.

I believe that a lot of people struggle to find work and most definitely have to rely on the dole until they can get employment.

What I did say is that I cannot bear laziness – it is one of my most hated traits in a person. I was in no way implying that everyone on the dole is lazy, because I certainly don’t believe that they are.

I do, however, know people who have worked for a number of years and then decided to go on the dole because they have paid their taxes and felt they deserved a break.

It has nothing to do with them not being able to get work and that is what I can’t stand.

It’s also these people that make such a mockery of the welfare system and take away from the people who genuinely need it.

Disneyland is my happy place


DISNEY is the best place in the entire world! I went there last weekend with four of my friends and we had the most amazing time.

It was the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris and the celebration was epic.

I got the Eurostar to Paris last Thursday and spent a day in the French capital. I could spend a whole year in Paris as it’s one of my favourite cities in Europe.

I stayed at the beautiful Le Bristol hotel, right in the centre of everything. The hotel is basically what I want my house to look like. It’s so chic and if Disney hadn’t been calling I would happily have stayed a whole week confined to that hotel.

I actually avoided being a total tourist this time around and didn’t even visit the Eiffel Tower, but instead went to as many nice restaurants as I could find.

One of my favourite things to do when I go to a new city is to try out all the food they have and my healthy eating plan was flung from the train as soon as I left Kings Cross.

In Disneyland on Friday we headed straight to The Tower of Terror, which is one of my favourite rides.

We went on loads of roller coasters and then went to the other side of the park where the castle is.

The Disney Castle is just so beautiful and it makes me so excited whenever I see it – I’d love to stay in it!

On Saturday night there was a big light show at the castle and I knew there was a very special guest when John Legend walked by me in the lobby of our hotel.

I just love John Legend; he performed three songs and then the light show was projected on to the castle. It is a must-see for any Disney visitors.

After that was a big gala dinner where we had such a blast and were, of course, the very last to leave.

If you supply champagne, dancing and a great table of people it’s hard to go home.