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Fertility results scares me but I’d advise women my age to get tested

Fertility results scares me but I’d advise women my age to get tested

I AM quite nervous at the moment because I am waiting on the results of my fertility test.

I saw a doctor this week about having my eggs frozen – almost like an insurance policy. Fertility is a word that has put a lot of fear into me recently.

I have been hearing the tick-tock of my biological clock and I decided it was time to do something about it.

I first sat down with my doctor, who went through every detail of what we were going to do.

He took the information he needed from me and assured me that being on the pill for 13 years would not in any way affect my fertility, which was a huge relief.

Next up was a simple procedure that I spent the day worrying about, when, in the end, there was no need.

The test is a simple examination, much like a smear test, and a blood test which you get the results of a week later.

Recently I have heard so many stories from couples unable to conceive, friends not being able to have children at all, and other people turning to IVF for help.

These are all people of my generation and fertility is a huge issue for so many of them.

We are all having children a lot later than our parents and with so many women, including myself, focusing on their career before taking the plunge into motherhood, it means we are leaving things a little late at times.

It’s not that I don’t want children, it’s something I want more than anything in the world, but like a lot of women I want a career as well and that has been my priority.

Having children won’t be something I will miss out on. It’s too important to me.

It’s just that I don’t feel I’m ready yet.

I feel like I have so much more to achieve professionally, but when will it be too late? I have been on the contraceptive pill on and off for the best part of 13 years and I worry that it could possibly affect my body as it’s been full of hormones for so long.

I am doing a TV show with RTE that is looking at women who decide to have children alone for whatever reason, with many fearing that they may miss out on being a mother because they haven’t met the right person.

When I found myself single after two long-term relationships, it did cross my mind that I might have to go it alone if it was something I wanted.

If children are what I really want for my future, the first step for me was to see how fertile I was.

I may never need them, but I don’t plan on having children for a few years and after that time my eggs won’t be as good as they could potentially be now.

The doctor I was seeing told me that, although he was biased, he believed women should be seeing a fertility specialist in their 20s so they can make a plan.

That’s because some women in their early 20s can already be having fertility problems and egg freezing may be their best option.

I won’t get my results for another week and it’s only then that I can truly see what I should be planning.

I’m slightly nervous, but I think getting the test was the right thing to do and I think more women my age should get it done, just in case.

I visited the Sims clinic in Clonskeagh and they are having an open day next week where they are testing women for free, so if you feel worried or are just curious you should pop along.

Spencer's a big hit with family 


ON Monday, I very reluctantly flew home from Spain.

We only had two days there and in those two days I’ve decided I need to book a really fun holiday.

Spencer and I have four days in August and I want to go somewhere amazing, so if you have any recommendations tweet me.

Last weekend I was DJing at Longitude and I had one of the best sets of my life.

The crowd were amazing and I loved having Spencer there to cheer me on. I played a dance set, which was perfect for the Longitude vibe.

My cousin and her boyfriend came to meet us, but we had to leave at 7.30pm as we had a flight the next day.

We headed to Spain with slightly sore heads that were soon fixed by the fry-up in Dublin airport.

The weather wasn’t great on Saturday in Spain and the airline lost my bag, so I had nothing to wear but the tracksuit I arrived in. Luckily my friend Virginia Macari, who is an incredible swimwear designer, sent me over some bikinis, so I was able to hit the beach on Sunday.

My stepdad and two of their friends joined us for lunch at the beach. It was Spencer’s first time meeting Neil – and he went down very well.

After the beach, we went home to get ready for the Global Gift Gala.

I wore a dress by the great Paul Costelloe – I absolutely love his designs.

Even though I wanted to stay in Spain a bit longer, I was super excited to get back to Dublin, because on Monday I started filming my new documentaries.

I’m more involved in this series than I ever have been and already its shaping up to be incredible.

I cannot wait for everyone to watch it. I went home to Howth on Saturday and I plan on spending the whole weekend relaxing with my family and friends; it will be nice to get a couple of days off.

Government must act to stop acid attacks

THIS is a story that is constantly cropping up in my news feed on social media.

Acid attacks are happening on a weekly basis and it’s quite simple to see why: Acid is found in kitchen cleaning products right in our supermarket aisles.

That means that anyone can purchase this and the inhumane people who decide to use it as a weapon are stocking up.

I live in East London and last week there were five acid attacks in 72 minutes there. All of these attacks were carried out by 15 and 16-year-old boys who targeted delivery drivers in order to steal their mopeds.

Acid attacks disfigure a person for life and they are left in excruciating pain, but they are on the rise.

I wrote about this over a year ago and I’m really quite shocked by the continuing assaults.

The government in both the U.K. and Ireland need to regulate the sale of not only acid, but other corrosive liquids that are used by these attackers.

If something is not done to stop these substances being so readily available we will continue to see these terrible attacks.