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Credibility of workout pill is hard to swallow

Credibility of workout pill is hard to swallow

I heard that scientists are creating a new workout pill that will give you the same results as training.

Great news, but unfortunately I think this is a bit too hard to believe.

I really don’t think there’s any quick fix to achieving the body you want. Even if it did work on your body, it won’t give you the same results as you get for your mind.

I really hate when I hear of people dieting. The only way to lose weight is to be healthier and train. It’s impossible to be on a diet for the rest of your life so it’s always best to be healthy with a cheat day – you always need the cheat day!

I have known people to use diet pills and the side-effects are pretty crazy. You never know what’s in them so its best to stay well clear.

I would really love to do a bootcamp at some point and help people that are struggling with their exercise and eating habits. Once you get into it and see the benefits you’ll never want to stop.

In Ireland, six in 10 people are overweight, and that’s a pretty high number. It was also shown that 17 per cent of mothers don’t even know when their child is overweight.

I honestly think it all has to do with educating ourselves on the way we should eat. It took me a very long time to figure that out, but once I did, my weight stabilised and I stayed at my natural weight.

It can also be quite expensive to eat healthily, but there are really good options out there in supermarkets and if you make things from fresh you can do a big batch of it.

I always make a huge portion of chilli and it will last me the week of dinners, or you can freeze some.

My best advice for healthy eating is to cut out any of the rubbish mid week, don’t have carbs after lunch and snack often on nuts and fruit. And always allow that cheat day!

Dressing to impress is on the agender

I heard the phrase gender fluid for the first time when RTE presenter Jonathan (Rachel) Clynch identified himself as being that way.

It means a gender identity which varies over time. A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male or female.

I think everyone in the world is so entirely different and we should be allowed to dress and feel however we like.

I love that Jonathan/Rachel has decided that some days he wants to turn up to work dressed as a woman, whenever he feels that way inclined.

RTE are fully behind him on this and there has been no issue at all, which is the way it should me.

Ireland is progressing everyday and stories like this make me smile. And so did this picture of Jonathan/Rachel rocking these heels!

Pals have Specs appeal at party

I finally recovered from my birthday last weekend – so that’s what you get when you turn 30, three-day hangovers!

I went to the Specsavers awards party in London on Tuesday and had a really fun night. I wore my new dress from Spotted On Celeb and, of course, my Specsavers glasses.

There were so many people there and I ended up going out after with Natasha Hamilton and her husband Ritchie Neville – they were so much fun.

Brian was at the awards too, so we all went out. Brian and I still live together in London, so it’s not that strange for us to be out together.

I move into my new place in London next week and I can’t wait. I’m staying in East London as it’s my favourite part.