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VOGUE: Cowardly lion killer deserves jail

VOGUE: Cowardly lion killer deserves jail
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The world was outraged when dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion.

I have never understood the need for people to hunt for sport.

I can understand when people shoot pheasants and ducks to eat, but this pointless killing of a lion is cowardly and pathetic. 

Mr Palmer spent $50,000 to kill the lion, but I’m sure he would have thought twice if he knew how quickly his life would change after it.

He has been getting a lot of online abuse and people have even targeted his dental practice, which he has since closed down.

I don’t agree with the death threats he is getting, but there may be some good from the online shaming.

I do think the way in which he is being treated may put off future hunters.

Africa is an incredibly poor continent and people go over and take advantage of that fact. I believe that Mr Palmer was one of those people. 

Cecil the lion was part of a reserve and was lured out of the protected area to where it was legal to kill him.

It was a carefully thought-out plan by the men Mr Palmer hired and now they are facing jail terms, which I think the dentist should also.

This case is one of many and I think much stricter sentences should be imposed upon people who are cruel to animals. 

There is a story in this paper (page 14) about a man who killed his Jack Russell in the middle of a park. 

He swung the dog by its lead, continuously slamming it on the ground until it was dead. He got no jail time and didn’t even get banned from owning animals.  

I find it appalling that he got away with it, and what I find even more frightening is the fact that he has a child.

Every day there seems to be another horrific story of animal cruelty, but more often than not these people get away with it. 

I’d like to think that things will change, but animal cruelty isn’t very high on people’s list of things to worry about.

It should be, and people who mistreat animals should be given proper jail terms.


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I was at the GoodWood races on Thursday and Friday of this week. It was my first time working with channel four and I loved it. I was presenting all of the fashion segments so I got to spend the day picking out amazing outfits and talking about them. I really enjoyed this race day, as it’s quite a chilled atmosphere and had a real summer garden party feel to it. I love any race day to be fair, I like any excuse to wear a great hat! Here’s what I wore…

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