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Azealia Banks’ vile rants shouldn't be given a platform

Azealia Banks'
Azealia Banks'

Rapper Azealia Banks has caused outrage online once again.

I’ll give her this, she is consistent in her racist and homophobic slurs, but she’s taken it to a new level in a Twitter spat with Zayn Malik.

I watched her from the side of the stage at a festival in Australia a few years ago and she stormed off stage and literally knocked my friend over. Banks (left) obviously has major aggression problems.

She disgusts me. She had one song that people liked and since then there hasn’t been anything significant from her. I look at people like her as attention seekers – you don’t have the talent to back up your career so you need to attack others to seem relevant.

I don’t even want to repeat what she said because it’s too racist and homophobic. She did try and come back with somewhat of an apology, but it was more of an excuse. Or an excuse for an apology. 

It went something like: “I said what I said to Zayn because I was angry… I had to remind him that we were both in the same boat in this industry and people of colour. Not using my blackness or my NYC persona to excuse anything. I am Azealia Banks and I am who I am.

“Again, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Not apologising for my words WHATSOEVER, apologising for the way people feel. But as an individual I have the creative freedom to say whatever the f**k I want. Remember that offence is never given, it is only taken. I apologise to everyone who TOOK offence.”

Well, that’s millions of us. This girl is not a good person, she is actually frightening. She believes she is campaigning against the racism she encounters in her industry when in fact she is the biggest racist of all.

Twitter did suspend her account, which was a step in the right direction. She was also dropped from the line-up of a summer festival in Europe. Her Twitter rant was so awful that she is now under investigation by the home office in the U.K. and I hope she will be banned from entering the country – if there’s a petition I’m signing it.

I love social media and the freedom of speech it offers, but this is one woman who needs to be banned from Twitter. She doesn’t deserve freedom of speech with the absolute nonsense she comes out with.

Azealia, the world would be a much better place if you kept your mouth closed!

Bikini bod beauties

I had to take part in a bikini fit competition at a bodybuilding exhibition in Birmingham for my new show.

I felt out of place as soon as I arrived; I mean, these are women living on plain chicken and broccoli while training their bodies to the max.

Then I came along having eaten too much the week before and with only two weeks training in the bag – SCARLET!

I train and eat well, but these women are in unbelievable shape – so impressed!

It’s one for the Rhodes at bash

I went to the British LGBT awards on Friday evening in London. The awards showcase individuals and organisations that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the LGBT community.

The awards were so much fun, it was so lovely to see people being awarded for all that they do for the LGBT cause.There was a big after-party, but unfortunately I had to miss it as I was filming the next day.

I wore a custom gown by the amazing designer Rebecca Rhodes. I love her pieces and was delighted she made this dress for me.

 My shoes were from Carvella and my jewels were by Tower jewellers. I got my hair done in Hershesons, if you’re ever in London you have to get a signature bouncy blow dry from their blow bars. My make up was done by one of the team at Charlotte Tilbury.