March 27th, 2017

Vogue Williams

Vogue WilliamsVogue Williams, married to Brian McFadden is an Irish model, television and radio personality, best known for participating in Dancing with the Stars, Stepping Out and for winning the 2015 series of Bear Grylls: Mission Survive. She presents her own radio show on SPIN 1038 and also writes a weekly column for

My generation deserves a say on the 8th

Katie and Neil the paedophile hunters

Paedo hunters say they could catch a predator every day

Vogue Williams eats two pizzas on her cheat day

Vogue: Gender equality must now become par for the course

I have spent a lot of time writing about equality for the LGBT community, of which I am a big supporter and ally.

Denis Naughten

How about fines for parents when kids miss school

Azealia Banks'

Azealia Banks’ vile rants shouldn't be given a platform

I hope my new show can help push for rights

Beyonce and Jay Z

Vogue: I know how Beyonce feels - I've been cheated on too

Well I most definitely would not want to be on the wrong side of Beyonce!

Vogue Williams: We've lost the war on drugs - time for a new approach

Michaella McCollum during her RTE interview

Vogue: Michaella is naive to think well-rehearsed excuse is believable

Kim Kardashian

Vogue: Kim Kardashian deserves a fair deal from women

All hail Kim Kardashian! I love that Kim hit back at her critics by posting a topless shot with Emily Ratajkowski online this week